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  1. FeaturingAnxiety

    jimbobaccount - Staff Application

    I haven't seen you on Survival very often, and even when I do I don't really see you active in chat. Of course I could Just be missing you but still. I think you could have added some more detail to your application.
  2. FeaturingAnxiety

    GoatOnEbay - Staff Application

    Honestly it's a +1 from me. I have seen you very active and very helpful too! Obviously being in college makes you very busy but honestly I've seen you a lot so I don't think that's too much of a problem! Good luck <3
  3. FeaturingAnxiety

    Boss_Turtle - Staff Application

    I'm sorry but this is a definite -1. You have gone into no detail, and a simple "idk" for an answer is nowhere near acceptable.
  4. FeaturingAnxiety

    Yum or Yuck?

    ... Yuck >.> Prawns? (Different to shrimp :3)
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    I was joking no need to get so technical :P
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    They're my favourites, if you don't like them no worries just don't bully me for it lmao
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    I watched the first episode and it was a little brutal but still thought it was awesome :P Have you seen Riverdale? Or maybe Brooklyn Nine-Nine? :3
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    Hiya Maddie! Nice meeting you ^^ Is your profile picture Sabrina by any chance? From Netflix? :P
  9. FeaturingAnxiety

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

  10. FeaturingAnxiety

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    No. :3
  11. FeaturingAnxiety

    [IslandChill] New chill place

    This is so cool Taphix! I love the floating island theme :D Awesome job with this, honestly though I love it so much!!
  12. FeaturingAnxiety

    Answer the question above you

    A: Yes actually lol. I spat water all over my crush who was sitting opposite me (I was drinking some water and my friend made me laugh lol). He was cool about it but I feel so guilty about it still (Happened like a year ago) Honestly we became better friends after that tho :) Q: Do you like...
  13. FeaturingAnxiety

    Answer the question above you

    OMG I LOVE PRAY FOR THE WICKED TOO AHH Winter!! What’s your funniest memory? Don’t forget to smile :P
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    What is your favourite.

    What is your favourite.
  15. FeaturingAnxiety

    Reviewing Awesomecoolpilot - Staff Application

    I would love for you to join the team <3 Seen you around a bit too, love your attitude! +1
  16. FeaturingAnxiety

    This might sound a bit cringey but when I joined this morning the amount of people that screamed...

    This might sound a bit cringey but when I joined this morning the amount of people that screamed "ANXI" when I joined was absolutely amazing. Honestly I almost cried. I love you all so much omg.
  17. FeaturingAnxiety

    Reviewing Dominator813 - Staff Application

    +1 I don't play skyblock often but from what your staff application is I'm sure you'd be an awesome staff member!
  18. FeaturingAnxiety

    Finished Creative Build Contest November 24-25

    FeaturingAnxiety Sorry im so late >.>