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  1. AlfieJay

    Anxi should get Mod!

    Can we please knock it off with the whole "bias" thing? This poll is not determining her future, it's a complement to Anxi that has been ruined by people taking it WAY too seriously. If she gets promoted it will be a result of hard work, not because of a poll on the forums. So let's try and be...
  2. AlfieJay

    Rejected Warriors To The Sun

    Hi xKyubi_z Unfortunately your map has been REJECTED. Floating parkour is always quite boring so try to keep it to a minimum. Barriers also should be kept to a minimum of only being used to prevent exploits. Other then that the build was appealing and the parkour was both varied and fun but...
  3. AlfieJay

    Rejected Adventure In Wonderland

    Hi HiddenPanda Your map submission has been REJECTED for 3 reasons. Firstly the build doesn't reflect the theme of Wonderland very well. Granted there were some references but mostly the map wasn't based around the theme at all. Secondly the build isn't very attractive. Just having a black box...
  4. AlfieJay

    Accepted Rikka / Medium Parkour

    Hi Shinx Your map has been ACCEPTED. The theme of the map is unique and the build is appealing. The parkour is varied as well as fun in general. Overall a great map Thanks for submitting
  5. AlfieJay

    Rejected Enchanted - Medium

    Hi TheBDom your map has been rejected. Mainly the theme is unoriginal, which is really important for maps. We already have a map themed around enchantment tables. As well as that, part of the parkour was confusing, mainly due to the lack of guidance in direction. However overall the parkour was...
  6. AlfieJay

    Toxic players and chat rules

    I don't use Snapchat for staff related stuff. My discord is AlfieJay#7706
  7. AlfieJay

    5 bugs that i found

    Hi milkerman Thanks for reporting this, however it would be much appreciated if you could use the bug report page for this and then our admins can see and respond to your report :D
  8. AlfieJay

    Toxic players and chat rules

    People were merely giving their opinions and you are being incredibly rude to them. Be nice in the future or don't post on the public forums :D
  9. AlfieJay

    Rejected Bottle Biomes

    -1 Two reasons for -1, first the build is unoriginal. There are several bottle themed maps already in use. Secondly it's too difficult to be a medium. Maybe buff it a bit and make it hard? Anyway the build looks nice and the parkour was both fun and varied. Good luck Just to clarify, this is...
  10. AlfieJay

    Rejected Vodka Bottle

    -1 It seems I agree with previous comments. The build was quite simple and it was too difficult to be an easy. However the parkour was fun and varied. Good luck :D Just to clarify, this is NOT a final answer but just my opinion ;D
  11. AlfieJay

    Rejected Mayan Temple- Medium

    -1 Firstly, as mentioned before, this map looks almost identical to one that has recently been accepted, making it very unoriginal. Secondly the temple itself is quite boring to look at and there's no nice looking design on the inside. Also parts of the parkour are quite repetitive, like the...
  12. AlfieJay

    Accepted Rikka / Medium Parkour

    +1 Good build. Fun parkour. Well done :D
  13. AlfieJay

    Rejected Shrek's Swamp | Medium

    -1 This was a really tough decision to make so I'm sorry if I sound super harsh. The main reason I gave the map a -1 is because the build is unattractive and does not resemble a swamp at all, which is the whole theme of the map. Other then that, the parkour was fun and varied and the theme was...
  14. AlfieJay

    Rejected Igloo - Parkour Map Submission

    -1 The build looks really artificial and bad. On top of that, the parkour is repetitive which makes maps really boring for players. Also the theme is unoriginal. Other then that, parts of the parkour were quite fun. I hope to see more maps in the future :D Just to clarify, this is NOT a final...
  15. AlfieJay

    Rejected Parkour Map Submission! - Towage

    -1 I have given your map a -1 for three reasons. Firstly the build doesn't look that nice. The actual waterfall looks artificial (especially because its edges descend in straight lines). Secondly it can be kind of confusing where there are barriers and where there aren't. Make sure to get...
  16. AlfieJay

    Accepted Onett - Easy

    +1 Great map, I loved the simplistic yet nice to look at build. The parkour was varied, which is always nice to see, and entertaining. Only point of criticism is that it would have been nice to incorporate the whole build in the parkour (using ALL the buildings instead of having parkour over...
  17. AlfieJay

    Rejected "Cacti" - Hard

    -1 Firstly the theme of the map is unoriginal as there is already a cactus themed map called CactusPK (Easy). Secondly the build was quite boring. It's just jumping around the same objects for the whole map. It could be really improved by making the cacti look different and cool. Thirdly...
  18. AlfieJay

    Rejected Fish Tank (Easy)

    -1 The map as two points on it that allow for people to cheat or break the rules. Firstly people who are about to jump to the gate cannot reach the gate from where they are jumping from, but people who are on the block after the gate can (allowing people to immensely parkour block. Secondly if...
  19. AlfieJay

    Rejected Wipeout - Easy

    -1 Some parts of the parkour are too hard to be easy. It should definitely be at least a medium. Next the name of the map isn't entirely fitting to the build, I don't remember so much lava before. You are also not allowed to have stand-alone iron bars or glass panes to prevent lag, so please...
  20. AlfieJay

    Rejected Spring Time Parkour

    -1 Firstly I think this map is too difficult to be a medium. I would put it at a hard, mainly because of the beginning part but there are other bits to it that make it too difficult. On top of that there are random barriers in the way of jumps which make it really hard to know where to go, and...