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  1. Dacon

    Christmas Update

    you can punch the chest in-game to preview rewards
  2. Dacon

    Christmas Update

    Fixing the dragonset set will = mystic set being fixed too
  3. Dacon

    Christmas Update

    | Christmas Spawns & Elf Hunt :mc_332-0: The whole network has received a Christmas make-over by the Build Team! Hub Olympus Spawn Olympus Plot Spawn Creative Spawn KitPvP Spawn Survival Spawn Parkour Spawn Parkour Map Maker Spawn Parkour Lounge Skyblock Spawn Islands Spawn Go check em out...
  4. Dacon

    November 2018

    | TOP VOTERS :mc_264-0: conner0714 (118 Votes) - $20 Giftcard + [TopVoter] Title Howgie4 (117 Votes) - $20 Giftcard Faudon (115 Votes) - $20 Giftcard Bruhski_Petson (114 Votes) - $20 Giftcard PIE_MAN3 (114 Votes) - $20 Giftcard Congratulations to the top voters! @Dynsalir will be contacting...
  5. Dacon


    Black Friday is our biggest sale of the year! Everything on the store is 80% OFF until November 25th. Don't miss out: 2 new bundles are available @ - Black Friday Bundle - Thanksgiving Bundle Support Tickets Our website now has a new...
  6. Dacon

    QOL Updates

    | CHAT PROTECTION :mc_386-0: All servers now have spam bot, advertising & global chat filter protection. The global chat filter does not censor swears, only racist, homophobic and inappropriate words. You now also have to move 1 block when you join before writing a message, and you cannot...
  7. Dacon

    Cancel through your paypal account

    Cancel through your paypal account
  8. Dacon

    How do I give mana to people?

  9. Dacon

    Best way to earn cubits?

    You can also watch ads with /ad, the original way to get cubits
  10. Dacon

    Gary The Golem Update + Giveaway

    Once we revamp creative (December) it will be using online UUIDs, this will let us use global systems like cubits, manalevel & dailyrewards
  11. Dacon

    Gary The Golem Update + Giveaway

    It's been a crazy couple weeks, we've basically doubled in size since the start of November due to Skyblock & advertising With that has come a fair amount of performance issues. We're working hard on bringing all the servers to maintain 20TPS while full, back on 24 hour reboot cycles, and...
  12. Dacon

    Spawner Gone after reset

    Fixed, added it to your current pig spawner Tell them to message me
  13. Dacon

    Skyblock Announcement

    Placing a sign on a chest without sneaking will now make a lock instead of when sneaking. You can now do custom text & chest shops directly on chests
  14. Dacon

    550x550 Island and Worldedit are broken for me

    Fixed Also you bought worldedit for islands, i changed to SB
  15. Dacon

    Skyblock Announcement

    Put the sign above the chest like this
  16. Dacon

    October 2018

    Oops ty, fixed
  17. Dacon

    ManaCube Network Stats

    August 2018 Stats Total Players: 1,219,129 (+19,259) Total Staff: 30 (+7) Forum Members: 18,655 (+2796) Discord Members: 6394 (-9) August Max Players Online: 493 (August 3rd) (-158) August Votes: 53,420 (-36,860) August Ads Watched: 223,811 (2238 Cubits) (+100,929) August Uptime 97.8% (-0.4%)...
  18. Dacon

    October 2018

    | TOP VOTERS :mc_264-0: Ctr56 (152 Votes) - $20 Giftcard + [TopVoter] Title JWok (149 Votes) - $20 Giftcard Mopup (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard llJJll (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard prettymuxh (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard Congratulations! There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS from now until November 5th |...
  19. Dacon

    the lag issue

    Islands had a bug today where it wouldn't reboot, which caused lag eventually Is fixed now
  20. Dacon

    Skyblock Announcement

    | DATES :mc_347-0: Here is a countdown to release: Staff & QA Beta: October 31st Donator Beta: November 2nd [Server will reset after beta is over] Public Release: November 3rd 3PM EST | OVERVIEW :mc_340-0: Season 6 Legends The following players will receive...