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  1. Jordn

    i actually like this

    /warp Aplus1 ;;;;)
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    Any word on plot download?

    Correct yeah! It has been brought up many times and been looked at, from my understanding the developers of the actual plugin hasn't updated the plot download command with 1.13. So like Sonic said, it's the plugin right now rather than the server.
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    Reactions need fixing

    Hello, small little issue on creative that a few people have noticed including myself. We are unable to check how many scramblers / reactions we have done. It's just been stuck at 0 for everyone. Another issue i've noticed with it, is that it sometimes gives you mana for winning a scrambler and...
  5. Jordn

    Why do you play creative?

    The creative server allows players to improve their building skills using the grading system. I think people enjoy finding out what grade they are currently at and how they can improve to gain the next rank above. Also working hard for a grade is real satisfying and it involves a lot of...
  6. Jordn

    Creative Grade

    Hello, i recently had that issue but with a B to B+.. My issue got resolved, Take some screenshots of your plot and find some other C+ plots that you feel are a lower standard then yours. Once you've done that, I recommend private messaging Christian or Smxthie on discord with your screenshots...
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    Good Builder

  8. Jordn

    Whats the coolest thing you've ever built in Creative?

    A nicely planned out interior warp to help out other people with ideas!
  9. Jordn

    Favorite Shaders?

    Using the Sildurs Vibrant Shaders v1.17 Extreme right now, pretty dope
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    Crazy Build Ideas, and plot theme ideas!?

    An overgrown, futuristic build could be nice. Like an abandoned scientific lab that went wrong or maybe an old space station.
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    Stuff that you guys should disable.

  12. Jordn

    Danky Donald - Build Team Application

    Builds on the server are nice. gl bro
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    Rejected IT (2017) Parkour - HaideeH

    I've seen a ton of parkour maps with pixel art?
  14. Jordn

    Accepted Easy Parkour Map

    I just went for easy because it was quite short, thanks for the feedback
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    Accepted Easy Parkour Map

    47 Jumps 5 Checkpoints (Including the first one) Difficulty: Easy Theme: Oriental: Indian style roof's, idk the theme completely.. IGN: zBeats /plot h zBeats 4 Enjoy
  16. Jordn

    Could use of some tips, tricks and advice for building

    There is just example warps such as /warp a /warp b+ etc.. A tip from me is to not be too random with your build.. I see a lot of new people building all sorts of different styles combined into one plot and it generally has no realism to it at all. I'm not saying your build has to be realistic...
  17. Jordn

    Don't make me report you kid

    Don't make me report you kid
  18. Jordn

    If you could choose any username which would it be?

    Beats instead of zBeats
  19. Jordn

    Finished Build Competition

    zBeats - nvm saw the date xdd
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    Rejected Pipe parkour

    Yeah i got rid of it because i didn't like the final outcome and it had not real theme.