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  1. Jordn

    Reactions need fixing

    Hello, small little issue on creative that a few people have noticed including myself. We are unable to check how many scramblers / reactions we have done. It's just been stuck at 0 for everyone. Another issue i've noticed with it, is that it sometimes gives you mana for winning a scrambler and...
  2. Jordn

    Accepted Easy Parkour Map

    47 Jumps 5 Checkpoints (Including the first one) Difficulty: Easy Theme: Oriental: Indian style roof's, idk the theme completely.. IGN: zBeats /plot h zBeats 4 Enjoy
  3. Jordn

    Accepted Mario Parkour

    Creator: zBeats Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 63 Checkpoints: 5 Location: /plot visit zBeats 2 Theme: Mario World
  4. Jordn

    Rejected Pipe parkour

    Hello, I would like to submit my new parkour map! Name: Pipes Creator: zBeats Helper: Y0ss Difficulty: Medium/Hard Jumps: 52 (including ladders) Checkpoints: 4 Location: MineVast creative (/plot visit zBeats)