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  1. Surge

    dw I will be here for like 84 years if it makes you feel better probs not lol

    dw I will be here for like 84 years if it makes you feel better probs not lol
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    WOOOO!!! I am so hyped for sb revamp :) can't wait to try out all these new features!
  3. Surge

    Is there a way to legitimately apply for owner on the server?

    Probably if you had a massive offer $$$$$$$ haha.
  4. Surge

    Upcoming Midweek Fishing Tournament

    omg!! I love a good fishing event :) Those tags look amazing gg. Can't wait!
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    ^ Also adding on to it I know there are people who abuse it but I promise it only gets better for the longer it is out as we can deny those players access to it. I feel like It kind of connects the community across the network just a simple "hey!" coming from parkour is awesome to myself. I do...
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  7. Surge

    2020 Manacube Election Results

    GG @TTuller Proves that Aether is the best <3
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    LOLOLOL Best update yett!
  9. Surge

    I know a lot but they might be punnishing

    I know a lot but they might be punnishing
  10. Surge

    MARCH 2020

    Great Month! Congrats to SOTM well deserved!!! Can't wait to see what April brings us :)
  11. Surge

    Desert Island

    Movies: This is the End The star wars complete collection Only the 6 ones don't need sequel trash Deadpool Deadpool 2 Saving Private ryan Books: The Lord of the rings trilogy
  12. Surge

    Hello, I'm Savvo!

    Welcome back to mana Savvo :D I hope you can find me on Aether I am on at unorthodox times for you but if your ever on at a strange time please come and say hi!! :)
  13. Surge

    Do you guys think astrology/zodiac signs are real?

    Not going to lie it is a little convenient that I am a Tauras and I am lazy as can be and love monetary gains xD
  14. Surge

    My resignation...

    I genuinely clicked on this thinking you resigned then I saw Jacon's post....
  15. Surge

    Finished Rainbow Road - March 2020

    I LOVE RAINBOW ROAD!!!!!!! This is one of my favourite events and can't wait to see the chaos :) good job to the person who chose this!!!!
  16. Surge

    Question of the Week #5

    Do you have any phobias or irrational fears? If so, what are they? I am scared of school that is my Irrational fears just let me game!!
  17. Surge

    coronavirus quarantine fun times

    Watching Netflix, Playing games and Eating xD
  18. Surge

    How did you choose your in-game name?

    How did you choose your ign (in-game name)? Why did you choose to change it from a previous one (if you have)? I choose The_Surge because I don't really know I thought It was better than Surge___ :) Really wanted Surge as an Ign But :(
  19. Surge

    Finished Midweek Horse Racing

    It was a Great event congrats to our winners!
  20. Surge

    Finished Parkour Tournament

    HYPE!!! Sadly its on a Monday but I love a good Parkour Tornie :)