map submision

  1. NoBlatant

    Rejected Walls of Madness

    NoBlatant and Flue83 Walls of Madness 63;-17 Difficulty Insane Number of Jumps: ~175
  2. fumbled

    Rejected Dairy - Easy

    Username : fumbled Map name : "Dairy" Photos of my Parkour: (attached files) The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: 63;-36 or /plot tp fumbled 2 Difficulty: Easy Number of jumps: 25
  3. Pewdular

    Rejected Glaciers - Easy/Medium

    Creator : pewdular Map Name : Glaciers Plot Number : 12;61 Difficulty : Easy/Medium (Hard if you count jumps) Jumps : Around 65-74
  4. YhonnyMP

    Rejected 4Biomes - Easy

    Map by: YhonnyMP Theme: biomes Checkpoints: 4 Difficulty: Easy Jumps: 45 You can visit the plot by doing /plot visit YhonnyMP
  5. duarbru1

    Rejected Enderness / Hard

    Builder: duarbru1 Map Name: Enderness ID: 46:58 /plot v duarbru1 Difficulty: Hard Number of jumps: 77
  6. Chasseur2Dieu

    Rejected BIG Minion. | Expert |

    Name of the map: BIGMinion. Difficulty: Expert. Number of jumps: 96 Access: /plot v Chasseur2Dieu Creator: Chasseur2Dieu. Screens:
  7. E

    Rejected My Parkour Map Sand37

    Username: My user name is BasicThiccBaddie Map name: The maps name is Sand37 Photos of your Parkour: I tried to put them on here but i cant get it The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: The plot number is 3;-45 Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane): the difficulty is Easy Thank you...
  8. EPGaming

    Rejected Corruption (Insane)

    Username: EPGaming Map name: Corruption /plot home EPGaming 1 Difficulty: Insane Number of jumps: ~120 PS: I'm not sure if it's thin enough to fit into the insane plots itself.
  9. G

    Rejected Hell On Earth Map

    Username: _gabe23 Photos: (Sorry about the images, I couldn't get them any bigger...) Plot ID: 1;36 Difficulty: Insane Number Of Jumps: 136 Builders: _gabe23, zTanay Owner: _gabe23
  10. dogi

    Rejected [Hard] ZA WARUDO

    It's been a while, let's see how I do after so long. I used to do puns, and will keep on doing: THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF AN ENEMY 「STAND」 anyways: Jumps: 95-100 Checkpoints: 3 Tp: /plot tp -21;-21 (on PK mapper world) Images: It's a large build, so If you find anything that could improve the...
  11. ThatDangGoldfish

    Rejected Parkour Map - iPhone

    iPhone Map By SoggyTeaTowel - 1 part of parkour created by CrunchyBroccoli. Medium difficulty?
  12. ThatDangGoldfish

    Rejected Parkour Map

    In Game Name : SoggyTeaTowel SoggyTeaTowels Plot Meduim Difficulty
  13. Tinak12

    Rejected Map Submission

    Username: Artinak02 Pictures of Parkour attached below # of plot: -22,-28 Difficulty: Expert
  14. Wizolo

    Rejected Map submission

    Map name: Observatory Difficulty: Insane Map creators: Jaabus and Wizolo Checkpoints: 12 Made on the creative server /plot tp Wizolo 7
  15. Wizolo

    Accepted Giant Scooter - Parkour

    Map name: Giant Scooter Checkpoints: 5 Jumps: About 50 Tester: YourMushey Difficulty: Hard Made on the creative server; /plot tp WIzolo 5 Screenshots:
  16. HIVEnation

    Closed Abandoned church: split map heaven/hell

    A map I made with my friend Jcathernandez I'd like him to get progress toward the mapper rank to, he was a huge help UnholyJojoke / Jcathernandez /plot tp UnholyJojoke 1 Difficulty (hard) Jumps: 128 total, 67 through heaven 42 through hell 19 before the choice links didn't work...
  17. Wizolo

    Rejected Map submission :

    Name: Lighthouse Builder: Wizolo and hannahh_ on the map maker world, /plot tp Wizolo Difficulty: Hard Checkpoints: 8 Tester: 1DirtyySanchez1 Jump: 105 Screenshots:
  18. Wizolo

    Closed Parkour map submission:

    Builder: Wizolo made on the creative server /plot visit Wizolo 2 Checkpoints:3 Jump: ~33 Screen: