1. Dacon

    Olympus Updates - January 7th 2020

    Following updates have been released on Olympus today: Items in the Mana Pond are now very smooth/no stuttering + have a larger hitbox. Also issues with the event sometimes not starting has been fixed Fixed issues with Zulrah sometimes being killed by "Unknown" causing multiple issues like no...
  2. lazyfull

    olympus(aether) resource pack

    I made resource pack that has custom model for all sva items and custom items like rebirth rewards and sell wands. It also has custom blocks for some not so prison like ores found in mines like prismarine and terracotta. I also made version without custom block models in case you like the mines...
  3. staviette

    Prison: Make VIP mine walls out of bedrock

    The red blocks are pretty and all, but when mining fast I end up glitching into the walls. This doesn't happen in other mines where the wall is made out of bedrock, since you just stop mining instead of destroying the block and the server replacing it. Might help with lag too.
  4. Dacon


    | TRAILER:mc_381-0: Like and comment your username on the trailer for a chance to win a free reset bundle! (3 winners) | RESET INFORMATION :mc_340-0: The following will not be reset - Treasure Chest Perks - Titles - Cubits - Any "Season Vault Access" item inside your /seasonvault - Legend...
  5. EYUP_WolveZ

    Bugged lighting?

    There is light coming from an unknown source at multiple places on my plot. I cant seem to remove them and I don't know whats causing them in the first place. I was hoping someone might have an answer/solution for me, Thanks.
  6. Chicken

    Editable Signs

    Instead of having to destroy the entire sign to change it, being able to right click it or something would be really useful and would make the server stand out. It would also be very useful.
  7. Qubs

    Plot chat

    So we have a filter that blocks some words on our server. It works on chat and signs, but it doesn't work on /plot chat. I found it out on prison, and checked creative. Here're some screenshots of that:
  8. Qubs

    /Gary on different servers

    I've got a big one. So /Gary, at least for me is kinda linked on different servers. What I mean by that is when I get my rewards on one server I can't claim it on others because they are already claimed, even on servers I never played on. From what I figured out the connected servers are...
  9. Qubs

    Archon bug

    So right side of archon mine lacks ladders and I don't think it's intentional.
  10. Qubs

    Concrete bug

    Hello, There's something weird with concrete. When I buy it, it stacks normally but as soon as I place and break it a new stack is created that won't merge with any of the unplaced ones. Idk if it's an mc feature but I don't think so XD. I tried lime and red concrete.
  11. Qubs

    Crates bug?

    So I found a minor visual bug at warp mystery. Summer chest states that you win 4 cubits but there are only 3 Prismarine Crystals in the chest. Also, idk if that's intentional but anniversary crate only gives you 3 cubits as opposed to 4 in every other crate.
  12. Qubs

    Default sings colour

    So it's been kinda bothering me, cause the default sign text colour is so unreadable that you need to really be patient to read it. It's not as big of a problem for me, cause I can change it with & (using precious space tho) but most of the players can't do anything about it, which is kinda...
  13. Qubs

    Bug with fly

    So there's this bug that if you try to enter vip mine and you're not vip you get free flight, don't know if it's intentional but prob not. Btw did it on atlas.
  14. Etho246


    This may be an unpopular opinion but I believe there should be an amount of time you need to be inactive, then your plot will be deleted. This is to prevent bots and inactive players taking plot spaces next to you then you are unable to merge. This inactive timer should be around 6 months so...
  15. boomko12

    Fixes for Atlas needed

    Atlas, at the time of this post, has been out 3 days. In this time, no fixes have been made to crucial elements. Trench and Autosell are still "broken," Many other custom things just dont work correctly, and the server is just buggy in general. I understand there may be other things you mods and...
  16. Emerald Ednard

    Book cases

    I remember in another unnamed server, They had this fun thing were when you clicked on a bookcase it opened up and you could place books in there, I think it would be a good idea to make this feature for creative, Olympus, and Survival just so people could make libraries, Send secret messages...
  17. Dacon


    :mc_46-0: Factions Announcement this weekend! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Olympus has been hitting it's capacity for quite a while now, so like Skyblock we will be releasing a 2nd Olympus Realm! The current realm (Which will not be resetting...
  18. Jushua

    Idea's for Competitive Clans! Olympus Season 3!

    Whats up everybody reading this post! This is just a little, but probably huge, idea i thought about that could make Olympus a challenging for some people who have a competitive side to themselves. I know its probably pretty early for season 3 ideas but its never to late to think of things. OK...
  19. Cartzo

    Scratcher/Lottery System Suggestion

    Scratcher Plugin Yes, I've said it, a scratcher plugin! This could benefit the server in many different ways. Not only that this lottery system can have a new way of increasing players revenue, but it also gives players something a little exciting to do! Here is an example of what it could be...
  20. Stinkers

    Olympus Command! [Recommended]

    So on Olympus, I've noticed myself, and others are having a rough time with constantly selling stuff in the shop manually when you buy from a profit shop. For the sake of our sanity and fingers, please allow /sellall to sell farm items and mob drops. It takes too long to constantly click on...