1. ZaLeonYT

    Too Much Lag On Olympus Prison

    WE CANT PLAY PRISON ANYMORE! Hello , Im ZaLeonYT And I Would Like To request xDacon To Come On the server and , if possibile , resolve the lag. Or Make A RAM upgrade to the server Because Soon we will all QUIT!
  2. M

    Mining filter on olympus

    So basically, there could be an enchant called filter, which you can assign one block to not be put into your inventory when you mine it. It's use wouldn't be very practical, unless you have a god pickaxe with no autosell. As such, you can add Filter several times like: Filter - gold_ore and...
  3. Strqfe_Gqd

    Suggestion for Blocks Broken.

    Imma start this off by saying that this isn't a major problem that needs fixing, it is only an idea I would like to bring up :D Okay so as many Casual/New Olympus players know, every time you mine 10,000 blocks you gain 250 mana and this continues for every 10,000 blocks until the end of time...
  4. Andre

    Suggestion- Free World Challenges

    Not much more to say about this since the title is self-explanatory but to me, it seems like people who are in the free world don't even bother going because it's boring for some and I myself don't have access to the free world yet but I think if I did I'd get pretty bored of it quickly, which...
  5. Jelly

    [GUIDE] Everything you need to know about The Olympus Server

    Olympus is a prison-based server that centres around mining, farming and building up your own plots. Unlike any other server, Manacube offers Mana, Cubits, rebirths and many more unique features. You start off with the first rank [Slave] and slowly progress to the rank [GOD]. After you have...
  6. Strqfe_Gqd

    New Mana Spending Idea(s)

    I have had a new idea about what to do with mana: MANY people have fully upgraded their pickaxes and thus have no more need for mana, I have thought of a few ways to solve this: 1) Try and include a reward system for the Mana Leaderboards: This would mean that every month or so, the mana...
  7. P

    Olympus Rankup Crates/Rewards

    I started playing olympus prison recently, and I think that it is definitely the best prison server out there. However, I feel that one thing that it is missing is a reward when you rank up. Currently the only thing that happens when you rank up is the ability to go to the next mine. I feel that...
  8. N

    Olympus Shop Suggestions

    This thread I made is for suggesting what should be added to the shop, like more sellable items and more items in the shop itself. Right now the shop doesn't really have much to offer, but does have enough things that we can continue playing without any worrying, especially if you plan on not...
  9. Dacon

    Olympus Updates

    Congratulations to HyDr0KT on becoming the first player to reach ascension! OLYMPUS 1.1 Lots has been changed and fixed since the release on Saturday. If you're unfamiliar with the changes I've made a list below Changes & Updates Kingdoms released - type /kingdom All achievements are now...
  10. Dacon


    Finally! The long wait for Olympus is over, and will be releasing April 7th, 1:00PM EST We were going to release this Saturday, but decided not to for these reasons: Can do a QA beta first More time than a 1 day notice to build hype More time to do some final touches/tweaks We made a page...
  11. Dacon


    Back in 2015, we announced a gamemode we were working on called Olympus. Progress on that project came to a halt, and never picked back up again. We started working on the project again a couple months ago, and are now ready to announce it! What is Olympus? Olympus is based off the modern...