1. Quietfully

    +Rudolph's Summit+ (Easy Map)

    I am a complete rookie when it comes to making parkour maps, and I'm actually proud of this considering it's my first! The theme is Christmas (obivously)! I had so much fun building the reindeer and making the jumps. I had a few people test the map for me and they've said it's a perfect easy...
  2. LennyTheSniper

    Rejected Bête Noire - Glitchtale by LennyTheSniper

    /plot v LennyTheSniper 1 Easy for sure If you haven't yet watched Glitchtale watch it now, you wont regret it :) Also I tried not doing Mario for once and I suck at organics sooooo yeah...
  3. LennyTheSniper

    Rejected I know It already has been done before, but I just want a mod to take a look.

    3D Pixel Mario /plot v LennyTheSniper 2 There is 2 main flaws with this Map That I struggle a lot to sort out : - The map is W A Y too big. (You can't even see the whole thing at once !) - Some of the jumps are 1.9+ only, making it impossible in 1.8.9.
  4. _EllaMcC

    Rejected The Christmas Tree - Easy Parkour Map

    Username: _EllaMcC Map Name: The Christmas Tree Plot Number: #1 Difficulty: Easy- 50+ Jumps but all easy level
  5. yuvtan

    Rejected rubics cube| Hard/medium | by yuvtan

    rubics cube | Hard/medium | by yuvtan | 43 jumps | 6 checkpoints | /plot v yuvtan 2\ note:for some reason every sign I wrote was with white letters I didn't meant to
  6. Capsicum

    Rejected Back To The Future - Medium/Hard

    Username: Capsicum Map name: "Back To The Future" Photos of your Parkour: The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: ./plot tp Capsicum Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane): Medium/Hard.
  7. Microgear

    Rejected Calculator-Expert (probably my best map yet)

    I know i say every map is my best map but this map probably is my best i put so much work into this map and i hope u enjoy -Calculator -/plot v microgear 2 -84 jumps 1 of 85 im so sry -4 checkpoints i think -expert
  8. Dwuif

    Rejected To the tower (PARKOUR MAP)

    - IGN: Dwuif - map name: To the Tower - plot # 1 or /plot visit Dwuif 1 - difficulty hard - ...
  9. Microgear

    Rejected Water world second submission

    Hey I think I improved this map very well let’s see what u think now ? The jumps are very varied and I got a bit creative with some jumps Microgear 40 jumps /plot v microgear 2 Easy Ive got a screenshot 2 checkpoints I hope u like my map !
  10. Tenkai

    Rejected KrustyKrab - Medium

    Username - TenkaiSean Map Name - KrustyKrab /plot visit TenkaiSean 1 (aka 30;77) Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 40 I'm pretty sure this is an original theme, although there are characters relating to Spongebob, I have never seen an actual build of the Krusty Krab. Hope you enjoy this!
  11. SuperPlayz_

    Rejected Gravitatiy Ruins - Parkour course submit

    My username ig is: SuperPlayz_ My maps name is Gravity ruins and its difficulty from my perspective is Hard (Difficulty - Hard) I havent counted the jumps, but i see that its optional for the format! The plot it is on is my first one. /plot home Superplayz_ (1) Of course the builder is me and no...
  12. american_jobs

    Rejected Glass Bridge - Easy

    American_Jobs 76: -25
  13. Tenkai

    Rejected Newspaper - Medium (FIXED)

    Username - TenkaiSean Map Name - Newspaper /plot visit TenkaiSean 1 (aka 30;77) Difficulty - Medium Jumps - About 46 (Snakes in the background are different parkour, yellow line seperates) ( I am pretty sure this is original... I have checked the google doc involving words like "news" or...
  14. Tenkai

    Rejected Slitherio - Hard

    Username - TenkaiSean Map Name - Slitherio /plot visit Tenkaisean 1 30;77 Jumps: ~100 (depends on if you fall or not) The point of this parkour was to make the player think of many routes, but only come out with one. Especially the last bunch, where all the snakes are huddled together...
  15. Tenkai

    Rejected Blockilicious - Hard/Expert

    Username: TenkaiSean Map Name: Blockilicious /plot visit TenkaiSean 1 (AKA 72;76) Difficulty: Either Hard or Expert, I'm leaning to the side on expert since their are a lot of jumps, especially with 3 one ups and 4 block jumps. Jumps: 246 Note: I've been reading Dacon's Map...
  16. ILikeThatBoulder

    Rejected ILikeThatBoulder-Medium

    ILikeThatBoulder Magical Orbs ID: 76;-61 Medium About 39 jumps
  17. american_jobs

    Rejected Choices - Easy

    american_jobs Choices 48; -76 (not sure if this is the plot number lol) easy
  18. Microgear

    tbh i think the droppers give u way to much mana

    i think droppers give way to much mana my alternative would be too cut the amount of mana it gives down and make it so that players can do the dropper over and over again if that makes sense idek :)
  19. Qubs

    Parkour practice world visuals outdated

    So in the welcoming message on the parkour practice world, there are gems stated instead of mana. I know gems were a thing back in the day, but I would love to see that changed to mana, so as not to cause confusion.
  20. Qubs

    /Gary on different servers

    I've got a big one. So /Gary, at least for me is kinda linked on different servers. What I mean by that is when I get my rewards on one server I can't claim it on others because they are already claimed, even on servers I never played on. From what I figured out the connected servers are...