1. Daaniel

    Closed SpringPK - Medium

    #1 IGN: PinkLemcnade Map Name: Spring Pictures: Plot ID: -50;55 Difficulty: Medium
  2. Daaniel

    Rejected Spring Time Parkour

    IGN: PinkLemcnade Map Name: Spring Pictures: Plot ID: -50;55 Difficulty: Hard
  3. Nicothenic

    Rejected McDonalds map (Medium) by Nicothenic

    *Username: Nicothenic Builder: Nicothenic *Map name: McDonalds *Photo of the old map, link <---- Press here if you want to see the old map. *The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot home nicothenic 1 *Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane) : Medium *Number of jumps: 40+...
  4. YayL

    Closed Parkour Map: Reverse

    Username - YayL Map name - Reverse Photos of Reverse Parkour: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: The # of your Plot / or warp name to it - /plot visit YayL...

    Rejected Highway to Hell - Medium

    Username: Faudon Map name: Highway to Hell Photos of your Parkour: (noctqrns took the screenshots, as she had a resource pack, and I didn´t because I had to reset my minecraft)...
  6. KapteinRex

    Closed Rock bottom

  7. Lilaaa_

    Accepted Parkour "Aloha" - Medium

    Nick: Lilaaa_ Map Name: Aloha The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: ID: -41; -16 Difficulty: Hard
  8. StrxwberryMilk

    Rejected Mickey Mouse PK!

    Creator: StrxwberryMilk NOTM: MickeyMouse TP: /plot home StrxwberryMilk 1 Images:
  9. Nixi

    Rejected "Europe" - Dropper

    Nixiiii Europe /plot visit Nixiiii 4 Medium/Hard (Dropper) Countries used: France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Greenland (blue things are oceans)
  10. ItsRainingMen101

    Rejected Canvas Map Submission

    Difficulty: Easy Creator: ItsRainingMen101 regular parkour rank, Made a map before got rejected. This is my new submission. TP: /plot tp itsrainingmen101 Jumps: About 51
  11. L

    Rejected TeletubbiePK

    hi! I made a teletubbie themed map its probably easy-medium but I don't know do "/plot visit lexer124" to see it/ play it hope you like it :)
  12. D

    Rejected Parkour Mansion - Medium

    Username: Dinoway Map name: Mansion Parkour Photos of your Parkour: Plot ID: 9;-47 Difficulty: Medium (or Easy) # of jumps: About 45
  13. E

    Rejected SinglePlayer ~ Map Submission

    Username: EverChangeling (The player who built the course and the username of the plot it was built on.) Map name: SinglePlayer Map Description: This map represents the challenges faced and scenery while completing Single Player Minecraft. Photos of your Parkour Five-image gallery of the main...
  14. Jackiee

    Rejected Thunderstorm | Parkour Medium

    Username: Jackiee_ (Plot home Jackiee_) Map name: Thunderstorm Photos of your Parkour: The # of your Plot / or warp name to it #1 Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane) Medium Number of jumps (Optional)...
  15. Jackiee

    Hi! I'm Jackiee

    Helloooo! I'm Jackiee! But you can call me Jackie or Jack. I'm an OG player from 2015, but I was pretty young then, didn't really understand much! I hope to have a fun time here on Manacube and you can find me on PARKOUR world a lot! My Hobbies outside of gaming & Minecraft: I have a lot of...
  16. H

    Rejected Imperial - Hard

    Username(s) Hugs and ovru Map name Imperial The # of your Plot / or warp name to it 9;47 (or /plot v Hugs 2) Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane) Hard Number of jumps (Optional) 61 Photos: (Shaders) (Non-Shaders/Non-RP)
  17. P

    Am I the only one who does not receive the keys when I vote?

    I've been with this problem for two days
  18. rmc22

    Rejected EasyToMedium - Map Submission

    Username; rmc22 Map name; EasyToMedium The # of your Plot; /plot h rmc22 Difficulty; medium Number of jumps; 40
  19. kroro1

    The Ultimate Manacube Parkour Guide

    Welcome to my guide about the gamemode parkourse on Manacube, in this guide I will try to cover everything this gamemode has to offer. I hope this guide helped you. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me ingame/Discord or any staff member. I'll be expanding this guide...
  20. C

    Rejected Love Story - Easy

    Username: DancingCloud Visit: /plot visit DancingCloud 2 Map name: Love Story Difficulty: easy/medium This parkour has a lot of signs which tell the Love Story. In the parkour is a pink cloud, a grey rainy cloud and a rainbow. They stand for the mood of the characters in the story. So in the...