1. S

    I was banned for "theft"

    Why... WHY! This is a survival server... Stop protecting little kids by banning people for "stealing". THIS IS VANILLA MINECRAFT! So please, don't make stealing a crime (in the server, not real life).
  2. sparkypi

    AFK Mining

    I keep hearing that AFK mining is not allowed, yet it is not in /rules or the rules and punishment guidelines given to staff applicants. This is made even more confusing since people constantly "afk" their spawners and cactus farms, which is apparently completely fine. This is an especially...
  3. FlashxPoint

    The anti griefing rule.

    So there is a rule against breaking wilderness that a player may own. However noob builds like dirt huts and wooden huts that a player may log on once with and leave or even make a party, then it get disbanded and then the land can still not be touched. So therefore we need a way to clear...
  4. Dacon

    Important ManaCube Network: Official Rules

    Global Ban Offenses Hacked Client: Allowed modifications can be viewed at Auto-Clickers and Macros are also not allowed. AFK Pools/Auto Fishing/Auto Clicking AFK Pools or similar designs that keep a player AFK are not allowed and will be removed by a staff member. This...