1. Surzy_MrSure

    Cleaning up spawn

    As most are aware, once you leave spawn and enter the survival world, the immediate chunks are trashed with wood and cobble pillars, starter structures, craters, lava, water etc that are unclaimed, as well as some claimed chunks. I have a proposition for the people of survival, we should all...
  2. x_xBen

    Survival Halloween Perks

    I recieved the Magic Aura Perk, /Artmap Perk, and Seller Minion on survival from the Halloween Bundle. However, none of these work. I would really appreciate it if there were fixed as soon as possible, as they are the primary reason I bought the bundle. I have reported it many times, but it has...
  3. Dacon


    QUEST REVAMP The current quest setup we use has been very buggy and often reset players quest data. I've replaced this with our own custom setup There are now 2 random daily quests you can complete, and 1 weekly quest. These all give Vote Keys, Quest Points & a random reward. You can spend...
  4. C

    Lag Throughout The Worlds

    Hello, I have only been on the server for over a week and so far I am loving it but one thing that always get me out of the mood of playing is lag. From reading and talking to people in game this issue is server wide affecting all worlds. As you recently upgraded your hardware for the server...
  5. A


    Hello Fellow players. My name is AlienCactus I plan on conquering the known world with the power of love. If you would like to joy the crusade do the following /hug AlienCactus Thanks <3
  6. T

    Looking for party members Owo

    Looking for a d e c e n t human as a party member. My party name is Distortion, msg me on survival if interested uwu ign: TypicallyHannah
  7. A

    Problems With Party System

    Hello, I didn't know which staff to contact about this problem so instead I posted it here. I was building something that took a lot of work and time. The land I was building on was claimed and had a warp on it. I go offline and come back to find that the claim has been removed along with the...
  8. K


    When will /kingdom work?
  9. S

    I was banned for "theft"

    Why... WHY! This is a survival server... Stop protecting little kids by banning people for "stealing". THIS IS VANILLA MINECRAFT! So please, don't make stealing a crime (in the server, not real life).
  10. Kableir

    Just some ranting and banter on Survival late at night xD

    Getting pregnant from smelling, boogers on tummies and finding love. Some of the things that you will see on this video lel.
  11. Ellie


    In loving memory of survival season 3. It will be missed. Season 3 had some awesome builds and some awesome people. I hope to see you guys there today in season 4 in a few hours. Love ya season 3 but also going to love season 4. Rip survival season 3 2017-2018.
  12. Dacon

    Survival Season 4 Info & Features

    Reset Information Release Date: April 21st, 1:00PM EST Will Reset All worlds Inventories, enderchests and player vaults Stats Currencies Jobs & Quests Slayer title Donator Rank You will have to claim this back on the store @ If you got your rank...
  13. Ellie

    Drop party

    I am so sorry this is a last minute decision But I am doing a Drop party. It will include Op stuff ender pearls, Diamonds, spawners, Ect. Again I am so so sorry for this decision. The survival drop party will be held at spawn. The time will be at 6:00 PM Est. CLOSED (sorry it was super close...
  14. Dacon

    Survival Season 4 Announcement

    It's time for a new season. Season 4 will be releasing April 21st at 1:00PM EST Before the reset, we're doing a competition! Here are the final contests you and your party can compete in. The winner of each category will be forever recognized in season 4 and future seasons at spawn, and 3...
  15. Ola


    I have heard that they are seasons on Survival and at the moment we are on season 3. When it goes to season 4, all our builds, everything disappears and we have to start from scratch. Is this true or a rumour??
  16. G

    Closed noob survival

    what happens when noobs play minecraft or when minecraft fails you there is 1 check point in there
  17. P

    Brink Back Wither Skeleton Spawners In Survival

    One of my favorite parts of survival 2.0 was wither skeleton spawners. When survival 3 came out and I saw that they were gone, I was heartbroken. They were a great way to make money in the game, and an easier way to get beacons. They also made wither skeleton heads much more obtainable for...
  18. Dacon


    Medium Challenge World You can now play Medium courses (and Easy) in the Parkour Challenge World. Hard, Expert & Insane will be added throughout this week. What is the Challenge World? All courses in the Challenge world are timed and recorded. You can see your own records for each map, and...
  19. T

    /vanish in pvp

    So, I have recently suffered a death to Chris26c which was my fault completely but he did something in the fight that I feel is completely unfair. He somehow ran away and used /v to cloak himself and then proceeded to slice at me until i was going to die then I died to logging. This is BS, /v...
  20. T

    A slight problem that needs to be brought to light

    So... I have seen many things in my days of being on survival... I have seen hackers and overall illegal things on this server but what makes me the most mad is 2 things. One: AFK pools... Two: AFK fish farms... Just today I found an AFK pool while exploring and I want to get this clear. Even...