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the theme is interesting and original, although, as Fei1i said up above, the build does Look abit like pixel art.

The jumps look reasonably varied from what I could see.However the pk is allmost all floating. From the start to the build and further on at the back their is alot of them.

Overall, i do like the build but its the placement of pk that lets it down. godluck with the map and future builds.
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The jumps am not going to lie do kind of look in consistent which is a down a I guess. And like Shinx and Fei1i mentioned it is kind of pixel art/8 bit and mana doesn’t allow pixel art anymore on their parkour server maps.


The theme is a bit bland as there are already a few animated movie character maps but there is no other minions map as far as I can tell.
Build: It is basically pixel art, which is not aloud.
Parkour: I find the parkour fits the difficulty Expert quite good but you use way to many checkpoints and this should be changed/removed as it is basically a troll
All in all that leaves you with a -1, good luck on your map nevertheless!


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Hoi Chasseur2Dieu,
Sorry to tell you that your map have been rejected.
The theme is pretty original, keep getting interesting theme like that ! The build is not good, like said before, even if it's not one, your build looks like a pixel art, which are plain and not really accepted, and a lot of your parkour is floating around the build too, making your map really messy. The parkour could be better, it's a bit varied, but feel confusing because of invisible blocks, still a bit repetitive and too hard for an expert (maybe good for an insane ?)

Thanks for submitting your map, would be really good to see more maps from you !

Salut Chasseur2Dieu,
Désolé de te dire que je vais devoir rejeté ta map.
J'aime beaucoup le thème, je suis content que tu es cherché longtemps car il est original, essaye de faire de même pour une prochaine fois ! Le build par contre est pas bon, comme dit avant, et même si s'en est pas un, ton build ressemble à un pixel art, ce qui est plutôt simple/plat et pas vraiment acceptable (On accepte plus les pixel arts :/), et beaucoup de ton parkour vole autour du build, ce qui fais que ta map est très bordélique. Le parkour peut être meilleur, c'est un peu varié, mais ça semble confus à cause des blocs invisible, un peu répétitive aussi et trop dur pour un expert (Mais peut être bon pour un insane donc je juge pas trop ça)

Merci d'avoir posté ta map, fais en plus car céb1 :D
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