Accepted Clash Royale - Easy

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Jumps: 34
Checkpoints: 3
3 (map maker world)
Difficulty: Easy
Because a lot of my maps have been considered to hard I thought I'd try and make an easy map. So here it is: It's based of the game Clash Royale from the Arena 5.
The Difficulty is easy so you can't really make that many special jumps but I tried to put in a fair share of different jumps, hope you all enjoy!
The map has a very nice build for an easy! I like that you made the jumps varied even though the creativity of what to do with jumps are limited. I hope that it gets accepted, best of luck.
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!


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As much as I hate playing clash royale it's a cool build +1 lol


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+1 great idea and great execution!


Map Judge
Hoi kroro1,
Happy to tell you that your map have been accepted as a MEDIUM !
The theme is really original, because there is no Clash Royal maps, the build is also pretty good, attractive and looks good, the parkour is nice and varied, but was clearly too hard for an easy. We have still nerfed one jump, and added some signs so your map is not too much confusing !

Thanks for submitting your map, would be really good to see more maps from you !
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