Corrupt A Wish


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Hey guys!

This game is called Corrupt a Wish. The object of the game is to, well, corrupt the last person's wish then make a wish of your own.

Person: I wish for a new phone
Other Person: The phone gets run over by a car. I wish for a trip to the moon.

Remember to follow the forum rules and be respectful of others!

I will start!

I wish for a dragon!


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Granted, but people stop playing on Hypixel so it means nothing. I wish for big, real house with nothing corrupt, including financially. :p
The house isn't corrupt, but the outside is. So, you either never go in it or can't get out! I wish.. I could pick where we go for dinner tonight D:


The only choices you can pick from are 1-2 star restaurants. xd I wish to go back in time to meet George Washington, and to return home safely afterwards.
Not that bad.. my mom only lets me go to those places anyway..

Once you get back you are never aloud to time travel ever again! (Sorry! xD) I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow..
Sadly.. summer isn't until a few months (I wish it was summer though!!) I wish I could spend more time on this server than 30 mins on the weekdays...
You end up spending 31 minutes on the weekdays and no time on the weekends.

I wish that my wish, that I become a billionaire, will never become unwished.


Who said we were unwishing? It's corrupting, not un-doing it.

However, when you first receive all the money, it gets taken away, and you are supposed to go on a long journey to find it. Unfortunately, you die before reaching the end.

I wish for future wishes to not be corrupted in any way, not even by Opposite day. :p ((I think I just screwed up the game. xD)


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You come back alive and collect the money but you fall off a cliff along the way. (That's fine I revived xD)

I wish I I was #1 on discord