Corrupt A Wish


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Your fidget spinner breaks and you have to buy a new one (Just got one xD)

I wish for a lamborghini
Granted, but before anyone gets to ride or drive in it it breaks!

I wish.. tomorrow wasn't the super annoying Spanish mass, none of us can really speak Spanish, our Spanish teacher teaches it wrong..


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The spanish mass is harder than expected.

I wish I had less days of school left. ( I have 7 btw xD)
WHAT?!! 7?! (how!! So lucky!!)

Granted, but sadly next school year you have extra days.. (I feel bad now, that's just mean..)

I wish.. my braces didn't hurt as much right now..


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(Same) Your stuck with spanish classes until you die.

I wish I didn't have homework the last 7 days of school..
Granted, but because of that you don't remember what you had learned and you forget about it all for next year.(actually very true..)

I wish.. I could think of wishes easily..
You travel to the Bahamas but lose your passport and are stuck there.

I wish to stop being distracted by the forums and do my homework.


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(SAMEEEEEE) You lose all focus and stay on the forums all night missing sleep and getting in trouble by your teacher. ;)

I wish I could sleep rn
You end up falling asleep but five minutes in you sleep walk and drink a five hour energy, you get no sleep.

I wish to get a unicorn.
(My mom doesn't feel well.. no school!!)Granted, but missing school is bad and you end up having to catch up on a lot of work..

I wish.. the televisions at my house would work!!