Corrupt A Wish

Granted, but at the beach a shark eats your family and friends, takes off all your limbs and leaves you with crippling depression for life.
I wish for a hot girl harem XD
(please lemme have this :p )
granted, but this time I'm taking this literally, so she's always really hot and can't stay cool...

I wish.. today was Friday, so school would be done
Granted, but now you have to get a job because school is over for you.
I wish.... for an icepack... :>
Its extremely hot outside, so it melts. I wish I had a pool.
You have an kiddy pool that is covered in dirt and has holes in it. I wish that I could meet Kurumi :L
Granted, but each wish causes you immense - year long pain - and no wish/drug can remove the pain.

I wish that this dang marketing class wasn't first period :L


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Your schedule is changed and you now have classes around the clock, no more 1st period!

Someone mind sending me some gummy bears?
you get some wild, starving grizzly bears that have no teeth - 'gummy' bears :p
I wish for a 3rd season of date a live.

(love this game XD)


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Unfortunately no one listens to you so they keep corrupting wishes.

I wish I lived in the Bahamas
granted, when you move there a tsunami wipes out everything you own
I wish to be less of a weeb


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(OMG it does, it sounds creepy) But no one says it (even though I did)

I wish for my wish to be incorruptible
You get the tag, unfortunately the one you got is buggy and overtime you log onto your forum account with the tag on. Your computer crashes >:D

I wish I can ace my exams.