Finished Creative Build Competition June 10th - 11th



Creative Build Competition!
Sunday, June 10th 5PM EST - Monday June 11th 5PM EST

The theme this time will be: TRAVEL

Want to sign up?
If you want to sign up for this competition all you need to do is comment
your username below and you will be entered!


Once you've signed up below I will be adding a warp

to your plot that you'll use for the competition

(Please note that you will not 'own' this plot. This is to ensure Voxel Sniper is not used)


Worldedit IS allowed

VoxelSniper is NOT allowed

Teaming is NOT allowed
(due to the short length of the competition)

The Judges will be Manacube Staff Members

NOTE: If you're caught using builds that you've previously made then you will be disqualified, copying builds from the internet will result in normal Manacube Punishments.

Where does it take place?

The plots will be at /warp BuildComp
Once you've commented I will be adding you to a plot and
creating /warp BCTravel[Name]
For example /warp BCTravelRyanminty123

2nd: GgGotGame
3rd: eloise3457899


1st Place: 150 gems & Artisan Tag
2nd Place: 100 gems
3rd Place: 75 gems
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GgGotGame! Good luck everyone!