Rejected Dispenser map

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Map Judge
Hoi WambatMagic and ItsRainingMen101,
Sorry to tell you that your map have been
The theme is not really original, Minecraft blocks maps are pretty overused, and there is already a firework map. After there is no dispenser map, so it's a bit more original, but I still suggest you to pick something more original next time. The build is pretty fine, even if the dispenser is copied from the real dispenser (Same reason as a pixel art, if you don't know what is wrong). The parkour is not really good, it's pretty repetitive, and I think it's too easy for a hard, but too long for a medium. I suggest you to use less normal and ladder jumps, and use more fence, ice, soulsand...

Thanks for submitting your map, would be really good to see more maps from you !
Not open for further replies.