Elf Hunt Guide - Survival


May 22, 2017
Happy holidays, everyone! Christmas Update has been live for just over a week now, and we're just over halfway through December, can you believe it?

As you may know, with the Christmas update, every server's /spawn area was decorated with a nice winter theme. You might have even noticed a few elves hanging around these areas too! These are, in fact, Santa's elves and he needs your help locating each one of them. Once you do, you get a nifty new [Elf] title, as well as 150,000 ManaLevel XP!

This thread is for those who need a little extra help finding all those elves for the Survival server. I will start out with a small hint about each elf, but if you need more than just a hint, click the spoiler tab for more help!

Guides for the other servers: Skyblock / Islands / Parkour / Olympus / Creative / KitPvP

Other notes:
  • Right-click on Santa at spawn or type the command /santa in-game for more info on the Christmas update and to check your elf count
  • Once you find an elf, right-click them to register them as found
  • Type the command /elf in-game to see what elves you have found/not found

Joy: Check the tower on the right of /spawn.
After typing /spawn in-game, turn right and move forward until you see a tower on the right. Go up the ladder in the tower and you will find Joy.
Coordinates: -796 93 502

Jingle: Check the room by the Ancient, Legendary, and Perk crates.
After typing /spawn in-game, turn left and move forward slightly. You will see a door on the left, go inside, and Jingle will be in the room to the left.
Coordinates: -766 83 500

Pepper: Check the house with two villagers inside it.
On the left of /spawn is a path leading to the Job Recruiter and Quest Giver's house. Go inside, and behind the villager on the right is Pepper.
Coordinates: -733 84 526

Holly: Check near the Vote crates.
Either type /warp vote and look slightly right, or go forward from /spawn and look to the right just before the vote crate on the right. Holly is sitting in the corner.
Coordinates: -779 80 531

Link: Check the frozen fountain.
Go forward from /spawn until you reach a frozen fountain. Link is standing by the base of it.
Coordinates: -772 76 553

Tinsel: Check around the stand representing the Auction House.
Go forward from /spawn until you are just past the frozen fountain. You will see a stand on the right with a villager in it. On the left, up against the house behind the stand is Tinsel.
Coordinates: -779 77 572

Frost Check around the leaderboards.
On the right side of the /spawn village are the leaderboards. (Currently glitched to show default Steve heads) Between the boards on the right is Frost behid a fence post.
Coordinates: -830 74 544

Carol Check the forested area just before the leaderboards.
Head in the direction of the leaderboards, but stop a small distance before entering that area. On the right you will see an area with trees and vines. In this leafy area is Carol sitting on some cobblestone.
Coordinates: -811 77 532

Twinkle, Noel, Ginger, and Cedar: These elves are each in the four houses surrounding the frozen fountain. Check each house carefully.
Twinkle is in the house furthest from /spawn on the right. Enter the house, go up the stairs on the left and you will find them.
Coordinates: -782 83 574
Noel is in the house furthest from /spawn on the left. Enter the house and go to the back of the house until you reach a spiral staircase. Go up the stairs and you will be in an attic. Go forward, staying to the right side and Noel will be hiding in a corner
Coordinates: -766 83 556
Ginger is in the house closest to /spawn on the right. Enter the house and Ginger will be on the left side of the hallway.
Coordinates: -783 76 538
Cedar is in the house closest to /spawn on the left. The house has two entrances, one from the "Petting" Zoo and one from the opposite side that connects to the second floor. Get to the third floor and just as you get to the top of the stairs, turn left and Cedar with be sitting there.
Coordinates: -756 88 537
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