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Jul 3, 2014
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ManaCube Forum Rules


Use common sense
If you think it may be against the rules, don't post it, or privately ask a Staff Member.

No offensive content
If it is going to offend someone, reconsider your post.

No excessive foul language or caps
A little is okay, but anything deemed excessive is not allowed.

No bumping

Bumping is where you reply to a post for the sole purpose of getting it back to the top of the posts again.

No double posting

To avoid double posting, use the Edit button.

No spam posts
Don't make short and pointless posts. If you like the content and want to show the OP, use the Like button, rather than just saying "Nice", etc.

No advertising
Do not advertise for other servers or unapproved websites through the use of links, images, videos, etc.
Sites such as Imgur are fine for uploading pictures if necessary.

Do not talk about hacks, cheats, or glitches
The only place these things should be discussed is with Staff Members in the Bug or Player Report sections.

Do not ask for Likes
If users like your content, they will Like it on their own volition.

Do not abuse the tagging system
@Users and @Groups can be tagged. Do not abuse this feature.

Do not make alternate accounts
Do not make alternate accounts, especially if your main account has been banned.

Do not 'backseat moderate'
If you see someone breaking any of these rules, use the Report button.

Do respect others
This not only includes just people at ManaCube, but everyone else too.

Do post in the correct section
If you are not sure where to post, ask a Staff Member.

Do use the formats provided
When posting Staff Applications, Player Reports, Ban Appeals, etc, use the format provided in the section.

Do speak English
And try your best to use proper spelling and


This list may be updated at anytime, with or without warning.
Content may also be deemed unworthy at anytime by Staff Members, whether it is in accordance with the above rules or not.


If you break the rules, you may be at risk of receiving a warning.
Warning points last for 1 month, and while you are at or above 3 points, you will be in a Banned state, unable to post new content, or reply to existing content.

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