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    If you were banned or muted, and are wanting a second chance - You've came to the right spot! Here you can post an appeal, and our Staff Team will determine whether or not we should remove the infraction.

    Things to know before submitting an Appeal.

    Evidence (Hacking)
    We will always record when banning a player for hacking. However, sometimes (but rarely) we make mistakes. If you were truly not using any hacks, we will be able to see that through the video evidence. However if you were, don't try to appeal that "I wasn't hacking".

    Don't make up excuses such as
    • "My brother was using my account"
    • "I was hacked"
    • "My cat walked on my keyboard!"
    If you really want to be unbanned/unmuted, don't lie!

    If your mute or ban is for less than 24 hours, don't submit an appeal!

    Ban Evading
    If you use an alt account while your main is banned, that account will be banned for twice as long as the original length, or sometimes permanently!


    Thread Title
    [Server] Your Username - Punishment Reason


    Your Username:

    Date and Server:

    Why you were punished

    Have you been banned on Manacube before?


    Why should you be unbanned or unmuted?:

    Any evidence to support your appeal:

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