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Ghost Hunting

Hidden around all the spawns are ghost heads. If you can find them all you will unlock the GhostHunter title!

Spooky Spawns

All of our spawns have received a spooky makeover to go with the Ghost Hunting event. These spawns will be here until November 4th

Halloween Bundles & Sale

The Mystic & Dragonstone sets are something ManaCube has never had before. When wearing all items of the set, you will receive a powerful buff.
The Mystic set gives you double XP from mob kills, and the Dragonstone set gives double drops from mob kills.

The Bundles contain lots more never seen before items/perks, such as the Slime Boots on Parkour (Permanent Jump Boost), Orange Chat Color, Magic Auras and New Titles. The Seller Minions have also returned in this bundle.

You can check them out in more detail here: https://store.manacube.com/category/1091889

From now until November 4th, there will be a 75% Halloween Sale on all packages on the webstore!

Vote Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to xMakoto on winning the vote giveaway raffle! ($100)
PM me on Discord to claim your prize
I bought the Halloween bundle and still haven't received it
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