How did you find ManaCube?

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Was looking for a plot server to recreate a great plot my friend and I had a few years ago, got on one, he built a huge pixel art of a penis (very detailed) and got banned, so I went searching again and found Minevast :)
Back on enjin, I made a whole post on how I found it.
Back in January, I had an urge for KitPvP.
I searched KitPvP, and one of the results was a voting site with MineVast.
I figured I'd give MineVast a shot. I joined and it was one of the only servers that didn't lag on my laptop.
Anyway, long story short, thank you all for voting! I wouldn't be here without you <3
To be honest, I actually am not certain, I share a computer sometimes with my sister (BluestarsClan) and she apparently added it. Anyways, I got on, and the next day donated for Vip ;)
My friend and I were looking for a cool factions server that was setup correctly with a good amount of people on. So I got home from school and he sent me a message saying join this I already setup a faction. So I join and as i was a noob back in November/December I didn't understand factions. I got on and was almost killed by Awsomeguy ( not many of the new players will know him ). So we start a faction and thats pretty much it.
I looked on the pac server page cause like the server i used to play on was broken so i found this and i was like omg this is so good so i joined and got premium 1 hour later xD