How did you find ManaCube?

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I was searching for a skyblock server after playing on another skyblock server a few years ago where I made some awesome friends and had a blast overall. After looking at a lot of different skyblock server I stuck with this one. I hope to find as nice a time or even nicer as I've had before ^-^
A friend told me about it because a lot of my old games were shutting down so I decided to come to minecraft and play this server. I've been playing minecraft for a few years now. I am glad I listened to my friend. This server is amazing! :)
I was bored of the same 3 games that me and my friends always played, and I had he suggestion to get back into Minecraft after 2-3 years, and I just found this server on planet Minecraft nd now my friend (akryder77) and I have not stopped playing manacube since, we love it!
I shopped long and hard and tried dozens of servers looking for survival with an active, responsible staff, low latency (lag), and the right mix of plugins. Manacube has delivered in a way i wouldn't have thought possible.
Hi Dacon! I actually found you’re spectacular server through my brothers! Ever since I started playing on here, I’ve been hooked! Thank you so much for taking the time to make everything!!! -hobo_kitty123 / Cass