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    So I've been playing islands for quite some time now. But I've only just started to get rich. So I thought I'd share my top 5 ways of getting rich. However of course as somebody said 'You must speculate to accumulate' or in easier terms 'you must spend money to get money's Yes it will cost money to do I will colour code them [Green, good cost - Red, bad / high cost]

    I will sort it by most effective first:

    Automatic cow spawner:
    Effectiveness: [8/10]

    The reason this is only 8/10 is because before it's about a level 7 it's not too effective. I currently have a cow spawner level 15 and sheep level 2.
    Cost: 7/10:
    Honestly this isn't good for a starter person. A cow spawner is $20,000 per spawner. And as I said, it will only really be a decent amount effective from level 7-8+, so at max that's around $160,000. However, remember a cow spawner is the second cheapest spawner.


    Effectiveness: 5/10
    I do have a small farm, however the only real effective farm type is sugar cane, it's the most effective when you have the VIP rank or higher because that sells for around $2.50 per sugar cane. (Yes I am cool it doesn't show on the forums because it won't link)
    Cost: 2/10
    This is really good for cost. I believe 1 sugar cane is around $2,000 however I believe you get 1 on your starter island. So you can gradually increase your farm.

    Multiple mob grinder [with an OP grinding sword]:

    Effectiveness: 9/10
    This is a really good way to get more money especially a zombie & skeleton spawner. However it costs a lot. The only thing is that you can't sell your arrows in /shop, so you could only sell bones. I believe 1 bone sells for around $2 which is pretty good.
    Cost: 10/10
    This is a very expensive method to getting money. Spawners such as zombie & skeleton are around $50,000 Each I think however I can't remember off the top of my head. It's a very expensive way to getting money, unless you win a drop party or get them second-hand.

    Iron golem spawner:

    Effectiveness: 10/10
    When you get an iron golem spawner, as you can probably guess, you get iron. You also get roses. Roses sell for around $1.50 and iron sells for around $2-3 per one. Which is pretty good. I did have 2 iron golem spawners, until I forgot to cover up the lava underneath when I was trying to use them.
    Cost: 10/10
    This is a very expensive way to get money. It costs $400,000 per spawner, although you can get them from the ancient trrastre key in /warp crates. Although expensive it does get you quite a lot of money in the long run.

    Passive mob grinder:

    Effectiveness: 7/10
    The reason why this is also here is because raw meat sells for more than cooked meat for some reason. So of course it's more effort having to grind them but you get more money when it comes to selling. 1 raw porkchop sells for around $2.5, I have 11 pig spawners and 2 chicken spawners.
    Cost: 6/10
    Again this costs around $20,000 per spawner so making it quite hard again to start with.

    So, thank you for reading this, I really hope it helped. Have a great day!

    Disclaimer: prices may not be correct as this was done on my phone, but I tried to do the best I can with it. :)
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    These are wonderful ideas! I appreciate you sharing them! I will definitely test them out next season, or maybe even now!

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