Accepted |iRobot - Insane - By: spacemangreg81 and Kroro1|

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  • Usernames: kroro1 ( did the parkour) and spacemangreg81 (did the build)
  • Map name: iRobot
  • Photos of your Parkour: upload_2018-7-13_15-41-32.png upload_2018-7-13_15-42-14.png upload_2018-7-13_15-44-11.png
  • The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot v spacemangreg81 3
  • Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane): Insane
  • Number of jumps (Optional): About 140+
Hope the Parkour isn't to difficult :D


Map Judge
Hoi Alaskan and kroro,
Happy to tell you that your map have been accepted !
The theme is really good and original, the build is fine, even if there is some floating jump behind the robot. The parkour is pretty nice and varied, we have still change one part, because we found another way to the part, and nerf a bit the land mines part.

Thanks for submitting your map, would be really good to see more maps from you !
Not open for further replies.