Jul 4, 2014
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Beta Information & Release Date


What is Islands?

Islands is a pirate themed version of Skyblock. Islands are in the open sea rather than floating in the sky. The sea water is cursed and will deal heavy damage and poison if you touch it.

Full 1.12 Support

Islands will be on version 1.12, and will only support 1.12 or higher. We were hoping to do 1.13 since islands is pretty aquatic themed, though it's just not stable enough yet.

Quick summary of what new things are introuduced in 1,9 - 1.12
  • Blocks / Items
    Concrete, Terracotta, Observers, Shulker Boxes, Explorer Map, Totem of Undying, Magma, Nether Wart Block, Red Nether Bricks, Bone Block, Chorus Flower, Chorus Plant, Dragon Head, End Rod, End Stone Brick, Frosted Ice, Grass Paths, Purpur Blocks, Beetroots, Dragons Breath, Elytra, End Crystal, Lingering Potions, Shields, Spectral Arrows and Tipped Arrows
  • Mobs
    Shulker, Polar Bear, Stray, Husk, Illagers, Vindicator, Evoker, Vex, Llama, Illusioner and Parrots
  • Enchantments
    Sweeping Edge, Mending, Frost Walker, Curse of Vanishing, Curse of Binding
Combat will still be like 1.8

Silver Coins

Earn silver coins by:
  • Mining blocks
    Specific blocks like obsidian give more coins
  • Killing mobs
    The tougher the mob the more coins it gives
  • Playtime
    Receive coins for every 5 mins you're online
  • Crops Harvested
    Each crop type gives different amounts
  • Completing daily & weekly Quests
    Access with /quests
  • Buying on the webstore

Use your to buy valuable and rate items from the Silver Coin Shop

Here's what you can buy:
  • Feed yourself
  • Heroic Enchantment Book
  • Elder Destroyer Boss Egg
  • Sponge Block (For soaking up water)
  • Shulker Box
  • Ancient Key
  • Legendary Key
  • MobTrak Orb
  • BlockTrak Orb
  • StatTrak Orb
  • White Scroll
  • Black Scroll
  • Sell Wand (250 uses)
  • Sell Wand (infinite)
  • Island Upgrades
Will continue to add new items to the shop

Elder Guardian Boss

The Elder Guardian is ManaCube's toughest boss yet. Walk on a path from spawn to it's cave to start the challenge.
You can buy boss eggs with silver coins, or on the webstore.

Once the boss is summoned, it will try to kill you with over 10 unique abilities. It's recommended to fight this boss with a team.

Summon Minions
Elder Guardian will summon a swarm of mini guardians to attack the closest player

Cave spikes from the ceiling will start collapsing everywhere. Avoid being hit or take serious damage

Elder Guardian will create clones of itself. These clones will be weak in health, but have high damage, so take them out quick

Skull & Fireskulls
Elder Guardian will shoot skulls and fireskulls at random players

Summon Water
The entire ground except for the patches of stone will be turned into cursed water. This water will poison and damage you just like in the island world.
After a period of time it'll form back into land

Empower Beams
There are 3 ender crystal locations in the cave. When the boss uses this ability these crystals will shoot a magical beam at Elder Guardian. This will slowly heal him back to full health.
You'll need to go to all 3 crystals and destroy them to stop this.

Elder Guardian will slowly levitate up while using range attacks. It usually does the ability right before summon water, so there's a small warning period

Elder Guardian will sometimes teleport behind random players and perform a critical hit


If you do not slay the boss within 15 minutes the end crystals will teleport the Elder Guardian back into the wild and you will not be rewarded.

Once the boss is slain, the summoner may go to the reward chest area (look for the beacon in cave) and receive a treasure chest. You will be given 3 random rewards from the chest, some including:

- Elytras
- Heroic Enchantment Books
- 25,000+ EXP bottles
- Silver Coins
- Money Pouches
- Treasure Keys
- Spawners
- Rare tools & equipment
- Destroyer Title


Our new quests system that will be coming to all servers is being introduced first in season 4.

Everyone will have 2 daily quests to complete, and 1 weekly quest
Quests give silver coins, quest points, and sometimes an extra reward for being completed.

You can spend Quest Points in the quest shop to unlock new perks and buy valuable items.

Here's what you can buy:
  • Ability to buy Heroic Enchantment Books
  • Ability to buy Iron Golem Spawners
  • Ability to use the Alchemist
  • [Barnacle✿] Title
  • [VETERAN✪] Title
  • Silver Coins
  • McMMO Credits
  • Quest Treasure Chest (Open to receive a wide range of random items)
Will be adding more perks and items to this shop.

You will not see the same weekly or daily quest again until all other quests are cycled through.
There is currently 35 daily quests and 12 weekly quests, so it'll take 18 days to see the same daily quest and 11 weeks to see the same weekly one currently.

We will be continuing to add more quests

Enchantment Revamp

Enchantments has been completely revamped with a lot of performance optimizations and bug fixes.
  • Enchantments now take the exact XP required instead of levels
  • New Heroic Enchantment type
  • All Enchantment name colors are now based off it's rarity
  • Success/Destroy rates are now true random (meaning you can now get 100% success books, but you can also get 1% success, or even 90% destroy)
    Getting dust now is very easy however, so you can improve your books success rates before using them
  • Almost all enchants have chance tiers to them now. For example; with the old AutoSmelt enchantment there was only AutoSmelt 1, which would smelt 100% of the ores. Now there is AutoSmelt 1, 2 and 3 which have a chance to smelt ores at 60, 80 and 100%
  • New Enchantments added
    + Double Strike [Swords | Rare]
    Chance to swing your sword twice
    + Farcast [Bows | Rare]
    Chance to knockback melee attackers by a couple of blocks when they hit you. Lower your health = higher the chance to proc
    + Shackle [Swords | Rare]
    Prevents mobs suffering knockback from your attacks
    + Hardended [Armor | Common]
    Armor takes less durability damage
    + Combo [Swords | Legendary]
    Chance to give a burst of haste
    + Ice Aspect [Swords | Rare]
    Chance of causing slowness effect on enemy
    + Aquatic [Helmet | Heroic]
    Gives water breathing and resistance to the cursed water
    + Master Inquisitive [Swords | Heroic]
    Massively increases EXP drops from mobs. Requires Inquisitive IV first to apply
  • Enchantments Removed
    - Ice Forged
    - Snare
    - Doctor
    - Mermaid
    - Pull
    - Multi-Arrow
    - Rage (Maybe)
  • Enchantment Changes
    - Renamed Tamer to Alpha
    - Renamed Blast Mine to Trench
    - Implants now also passively heals +1 health along with +1 hunger every few seconds
    - Trench moved to Heroic

The Alchemist

The alchemist allows you to combine all types of dusts to turn them into better success rates.
You can also combine 2 enchantment books of the same type to create a new one with an increased level.

For example; Combining 2 Haste (I) enchantment books would create a Haste (II) book

You must first purchase a perk from the quest shop to access the alchemist

New Trak Orbs

You can now purchase 3 orbs that you can apply to your tools or weapons

BlockTrak - Tracks numbers of blocks mined with this tool (shows in lore)
StatTrak - Tracks kills done with the weapon (shows in lore)
MobTrak - Tracks mob kills done with the weapon (shows in lore)

Island Upgrades

Use silver coins and cash to upgrade 4 different parts of your island: Size - Member Limit - Ore Generation and Home Limit

Member Upgrades: 6, 7, 8, 10
Size Upgrades: 175 x 175 - 225 x 225 - 275 x 275 - 350 x 350
Home Upgrades: 2, 3, 4, 5
Ore Generator: Will be changing rates during beta

Fishing Revamp

To make the Aquatic enchantment valuable we had to remove pufferfish from the waters to prevent water breathing potions from being made. Instead of just doing that we decided to replace all drops with a new fishing system

Every catch will be a different kind of fish and size, anythng from a 5cm Shrimp to a 120ft Pygmy Whale

There is 5 rarities of catches:
- Junk
- Common
- Rare
- Epic
- Legendary

In total there is over 25 different types of fish to catch, each with their own length size ranges. Bigger the fish = more you can sell it for in /fish shop

Fishing can earn you very good money. If you're lucky you could pull in 500k+ in an hour

Improved AFK Checker

The server now does a ton of checks to detect afk players, including bypass methods like AFK pools, repeated movement, auto clicking, etc.

When you reach you're detected to be AFK and reach your afk time limit you will be put into a mode where everything around you is frozen (unless someone else is there too)

This means mob spawners will stop spinning, mobs will stop spawning, redstone will stop performing and crops will stop growing.

To exit AFK mode you'll need to click the green glass pane that is randomly placed somewhere in the GUI that will appear on your screen.

More Updates

Complete over 50 achievements to unlock a kit

Shop Changes
All prices have been changed & new items have been added

Vote Party
Vote Parties have returned. When the server reaches x amount of votes from all players, everyone online will receive a Vote Party Treasure Chest

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Jul 24, 2018
Islands will be on version 1.12, and will only support 1.12 or higher. We were hoping to do 1.13 since islands is pretty aquatic themed, though it's just not stable enough yet.
Is the server going to remain on 1.12 permanently? Or once a stable version of 1.13 is released, will an update to that version happen?