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    Your Minecraft username

    What server are you applying for



    First Name

    Location (or timezone)
    United States



    Why do you aspire to become staff?
    You guys should accept me to the team because I have been staff on over a 100 servers. And I know how to deal with a variety of situations. I also have good typing skills and I am able to respond to situations fast in both discord and in-game. I am also understandable and I will be able to deal with situations and give players 2nd chances as I think everyone deserves a second chance since we aren’t perfect. I also have some basic knowledge of screen sharing and I know what hacks look like both blatant and ghost clients. I have screen shared players on different servers and I was pretty accurate with the players I accused and SS’ed. I also like talking to people both older and younger than me. Therefore, I would be a good candidate for this position. Below are some of the qualities I have, I personally think all staff members should have these qualities.

    Active - I can stay on the server on the weekdays for at least 1 hour and on the weekends the amount of hours I can play can even go to 16+ hours, but I always average 10+ hours.

    Responsive - I will respond to players whenever they request for help, and I will not just respond to them, but I will do it with speed so I get to the player I need to help as soon as possible so their situation can be dealt with as soon as possible.

    Team Work - I will help staff members whenever they request or need it. I will also agree with the choices the higher and lower staff members make, I will support them when they are getting hated on and also give constructive criticism to help the staff members figure out what they need to work on so they can improve on what should be improved on

    Friendly - I like helping players and I also like making new friends, I am easy to set a conversation up with and I don't afk too often. I will also deal with situations lightly because I think players deserve 2nd chances for the offence they did. I think this is something all staff members should do as humans make mistakes and we aren't perfect.

    Experience - I have experience dealing with lots of situations and I know how to appropriately deal with situations like fights. I also know how to multitask and I have fast typing skills so I can quickly ban or mute an advertiser and clear chat in a faster period of time than most staff members.

    Respectful - I never swear and I am also never disrespectful to people, I think people should act the same way since this is just a game. Acting this way will also make the world a brighter place.

    Equality - I will treat everyone the same, even if my friend is breaking a rule I will punish them the same as any other player who decides to break the rules.

    Responsible - I will take my part and take responsibility if I make a mistake or get demoted, and I won’t make a big deal about it.

    Competitive - In certain game modes I will play hard and strong when i’m playing game modes such as factions. Especially if they pay out with IRL money.

    I want to be staff since I see many players being toxic and chat and asking for help. But unfortunately, there are no staff to help deal with their situation or the problem in chat. If I were staff I would help resolve these situations and help keep chat and clean and peaceful environment where people can play without being insulted or annoyed. I also see players accusing people of hacks and sometimes the staff members are afk or just ignore the player. I would immediately tp to the player and spectate the hacker, if I ended up seeing something suspicious. Depending if it was a blatant or not, I would end up screen sharing them. I also want to clean this chat so players can better enjoy the server.

    How long have you played on ManaCube?
    1 year but on another mc account.

    How many hours can you dedicate to ManaCube?
    Weekdays 2 hours to 4 hours. Weekends (counting friday) 5 - 12+ hours!

    What skills do you feel you have that will help the server?
    I can bring to the staff team and peaceful and hard working staff member of the team, I will be active and I will not afk at random times. I will also be quick and responsive of requests and members, I will also deal with players who decide to spam or break any chat offences of Manacube and support players if they need anything and I will try my hardest and best to help deal with their situation.

    What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?
    Yes, I have been staff on several servers, I will list a couple that I remembered the most

    FunZonesMc - This server was by far the biggest server I have ever been staff on, this had a 15 player average and it was a very clean and non toxic community. I got helper and eventually got promoted to moderator, I loved this server and I got to know every single players on the server. I dealt with reports and ban appeals and also gave some constructive criticism on staff applications. But all good things come to an end, I got falsely demoted for hacks due to the amount of hackusations I got from players. I also got accused of teleporting into faction bases. All of these were false, my demotion caused an outrage and staff resigned as I was considered an “inspiration for them”. Now that I wasn’t staff the staff that hated me had their freedom to just ban me, FunZones started dying and I lost hope for it. To this day FunZones is still online but it now only averages 0 players both as a low and high even on weekends.

    Punch-Craft-Network - This server was the first server I was ever staff on, I was about 8 years old and I just came upon a player advertising on another server I was playing on. I was bored at the time so I decided to see what the server was all about. It was overall a pretty bad server, but the owner wanted me to be staff said that I was the first player who ever joined the server. I got mod, I didn’t really have any staff jobs to do so all I did was build bedrock bases. The owner soon found out about what I have been doing with my staff rank and I was demoted from my position.

    KeltonMC - This server is the most professional server I have ever been staff on, this server had an average of 10 players, it was about to release and I knew the owner before I joined the server. This server had game modes like Factions and creative. The owner decided that I was mature enough to be staff on his server since I had been staff on FunZonesMc. The server finally released and was on a roll, the server was very custom and had custom knockback, custom spawn, and also custom terrain. I was trainee, all I did was make sure players didn’t break any small chat offences. I also helped new players who needed help. Unfortunately, the server got ddosed and the server had a lock down. This caused the server player base to drop a couple stories. The server started dying and owner decided to restart the map. This time however, the release was not a success, it never got past 10 players and most of the players left. I then decided to resign, the owner sold the server and gave their plugins to FunZonesMc for their next revamp.

    HexNetwork - This server was a server I have been staff on a month ago, this server was very new. I was the developer of it and I was in charge of giving it weekly updates and bug test. The server was planning releasing in a couple weeks. However, the owner decided to pay a developer to code and make everything custom, the owner then decided to kick me out of the development team and told me that this new developer would do all the work and I was no longer needed. I was annoyed by this, but I kept quiet. But then the owner got hit by karma, the developer decided to resign and start working for FunZonesMc as a website developer. The owner started looking for developers but had no success, even the manager resigned. The owner then decided to shut down his server.

    What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?
    Patient, Positive, And Helpful

    Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is.
    The role of a staff member is to help players and stay mature and be a role model to all the players who are on the server. A staff member should also help keep the chat clean for a peaceful and enjoyable environment for players.

    Are you able to use recording software?
    Yes, OBS or Bandicam.

    Anything else we should know?

    You are aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application
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    Hey Rohan!

    I have read your application and it is good! Though, my only problem is that I have never seen you online. Yesterday, I talked to you. And you said you played on another account called Miitch. Even with the other account, I haven't seen you online. Also I think you can add more detail to the three attributes question. My vote for now is -1.

    Best of luck,
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    Sorry, I will add more detail and try to improve on myself. Also I just joined with this account so I will try to improve my activity.
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    If you just joined with this account, I don't think it would be necessary to apply (it's not a rude comment) because you'll need to have at least 50 hours in game. Although I really love your application. My vote is -1 since you don't have at least 50 hours in game yet.
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  5. ISpeedEveryDay

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    I have hundreds of hours of play time for my other account but my play time on this account is increasing.

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