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My name is ItsDiqmond_ but you can call me Diamond. I am a new player on ManaCube and I love ManaCube right now. It is a nice server. So I decided to make an introduction so people can know me better, here it goes.

IGN: ItsDiqmond_
Age: 16
Race: Black
Location: New York
Hobbies: My hobbies are juggling as sometimes I love to juggle, even though I can do 2, but practice makes perfect. I also pretend to be a DJ by playing music and using some DJ software on my phones and laptop. I don't have too many hobbies but I hope at least these counts.
What I like: I love to play basketball because it is fun and I love to play it with my friends. I also love to run because it keeps me energetic and makes me faster. I love to exercise/workout because if you want to be stronger and more brawlic, you should try it. I love Nike products because they have nice merchandise and they are a way I can customize myself as I love to look good. I hope to find someone who likes what I like.

Are You Single?: As of now, Yes.
Do you have a crush?: Definitely!
Can I date you?: Umm, I don't know. Would be weird to date someone I haven't met in real life yet.


If you were about to die, what would be your last request?: It would probably be to buy what I've always wanted to buy.
What would you do if you've found $1,000 lying down on the floor?: I mean, I would probably take it maybe, sometimes it could be a trap or some guy on YouTube recording me. So, I don't know, I would try to be careful.
If someone punched you, what would you do?: Punch them back, because I never touched you. :)
If you've missed the bus, what would you do?: Either run after it, if possible or wait for the next one. Sometimes I may just look for another bus I can take. Happens a lot in New York.

What's your favorite soda?: Favorite orange soda is Crush soda. I mostly drink Arizona or some water. Don't really drink soda too much.
What's your favorite song?: I do love Migos, songs like Stir Fry and Walk it like I talk it, I love that song. Songs like God's Plan, Look Alive, Freaky Friday and King's Dead, they are the song's that I listen to every day. I also like Plain Jane. Finally, I love XXXTentaction. I was so devastated he dead and I love all his songs like SAD, changes, Moonlight, Look At me, Yung Bratz and etc. #RipX
What's your favorite game?: Minecraft, duh!
What's your favorite dance style?: Milly rock, Ayye!
What's your favorite candy?: Mamba's and Swedish Fish.
What's your favorite chips?: Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno, Doritos Spicy Nachos, and Cheddar Fries.
What's your favorite TV shows?: Spongebob Squarepants the best, I used to love Gravity Falls as well.
What's your favorite movies?: I have a lot of favorite movies, I usually love comedy movies. I would probably say my favorite is Black Panther, #WakandaForever.
What's your favorite food?: Chicken Wings!

Thanks for checking out this thread. I hope we can be able to be friends now you've met me and what I love to do. If you have any questions/comments for me, I would be more than happy to check it out. I want people to know me more as a person and I hope this help. I hope to see you on the server as I may most likely be on Parkour or KitPvP, anyways stay shiny!

Hi, Diamond. It is nice to hear that you are enjoying Manacube. ^_^ This introduction has a lot of personality in it and seems different than most in my opinion. So I really respect all the information that you put into it!

What gamemodes on Manacube are you planning to play? I play Survival mostly so you'll see me there more than anywhere else. c: Hope to see you around! My Discord is Napkinz#0723 if you want to message me as that's where I reply the most. <3