jorjy - Build Team Application


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Dec 3, 2018
----- About You -----

What is your Minecraft username?

How old are you?

Country or Timezone
New Zealand +12:00

What is your Discord username?

How many hours do you have on the creative server?

----- Your Skills -----

Do you enjoy working by yourself or as a team?
I do not mind, I prefer working in a team because then you get a better mix of build styles, tricks etc.

What building styles are you best at, and weakest at?
I am decent at most building styles however only at a larger scale. With smaller scale thing's I am not the greatest.

Do you know how to use Voxel Sniper?
I know limited voxel sniper however I do want to learn more about it and how to use it to my advantage.

Have you been a part of a build team before? (Give examples if yes)
Yes, I am currently in team Fycius.

Screenshots/Portfolio of your past builds. (Recommended to provide an album link)
This plus my first plot on the creative server (/plot visit jorjy)
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