Accepted London Bridge (Re-Submit, Nerfed) / Insane

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QA Team
Hello Wizolo and misterfreeser!

I am happy to inform you both that this course is being accepted! The build is very well built and definitely represents the London Bridge! You both did very well on the detail and definitely captured the image! The theme of London Bridge is also original, as there isn't a London Bridge course yet. The jumps are also very interesting, fun to do, and they fit the insane difficulty very well! Overall, this build is very nice and the parkour is very well built as well! Good job, you two! :D

Thank you for submitting this course! I hope to see more from you guys in the future :D
If you have any questions, you can PM me on here, in game, or on discord

-Ashley (ThePKFish, fishy1980)
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