ManaCube Level & Network Guilds


QA Team

ManaCube Level

ManaCube Levels have been quietly released on multiple servers over the past 2 weeks. You earn XP for doing various things on the network (listed below)

You can view your level by typing /level

You can view the leaderboard with /level top

What gives network level XP:

GLOBAL [Every server]

  • Every minute of playtime
  • Mobs killed
  • Enchantments done
  • Fish caught
  • Voting
  • Blocks broken
  • Scrambler wins
  • Watching ads
  • Any package on store worth over $10
Parkour Exclusive
  • Easy Maps
  • Medium Maps
  • Hard Maps
  • Expert Maps
  • Insane Maps
  • Droppers
  • Champion Maps
Skyblock Exclusive
  • Rare Envoy Chests
  • Legendary Envoy Chests
  • Completing Island Challenges
  • [Soon] Every quest point earned
Survival Exclusive
  • Killing Zulrah
  • Killing Herobrine
  • [Soon] Every quest point earned
Olympus Exclusive
  • Mining Level Up
  • Rebirthing
  • Ascending
KitPvP Exclusive
  • Hat Purchases
  • Battle Level Up
Islands Exclusive
  • Nothing atm, in the next season things like killing the boss, quests & island challenges will give XP
Creative Exclusive
  • Don't know what to have for here. Appreciate any suggestions

As time goes on I will add more ways to earn XP, and change the amounts of XP earned for things

Network Guilds

/g info

Network wide guild chat: Type /gc [message]

Guild Leaderboards: Your guild level is the ManaCube Network Level of all the members of the guild combined
Type /g top to view

You can view information about your guild members like last login, network level & date joined with /guild member [name]

Guild tags are is a 6 character max tag that will be displayed in tab on hub

Guild Mods can invite and kick members
Guild Admins can promote players to mod and kick mods

/g members

/g online
will also show what guild members are online

The maximum members in a guild is based off the guild owners donator rank

Default: 6
VIP: 8
VIP+: 10
MVP: 12
MVP+: 15

It is based off your rank in hub, so if you do not have your rank in the hub server you should claim it back on the store.
For creative: It could be something to do with your grade or grade upgrades. Like, if you get an upgrade, you get a certain amount of xp (A bit confusing). Also scramblers.
Will there be rewards for reaching a certain level or being in a top tier (Top 10, Top 50 etc.)? Nonetheless good incentive to play.


This is a pretty cool update, honestly. I've encountered it a couple times by just walking lol. Nice job, and also, good luck to all those striving to reach/stay on the leaderboard! <3
This surely is a great and game changing update that will effect daily activities on the network. I'm saying daily, because almost everything you do on the network will grant you experience, depending on the activity.

Completing parkour maps will give you a lot more experience, compared to, for example, mining on Olympus. The leaderboard is also a great idea that was implemented, that shows precise experience amount of the top players.

All in alll, love the update and keep it up!