Rejected McDonald's Mayhem

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There is already a McDonalds themed map, although the map itself isn't that bad, it was too long, and took me about 15 minutes to finish it (as said above). However, I did quite enjoy doing this map, it had a good variety of jumps which were not too hard nor easy.
Gl though :)


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Hoi WhiteHorse911,
Sorry to tell you that your map have been rejected.
Like said above, there is already a McDonalds map, so be careful next time ! (You can still use my Parkour list if you want :D). The parkour is not good too, it's really repetitive, way too long for a medium (or a hard ?), and most of your parkour is floating around the build. Also some part can be skipped.
However, I like the build, and there is a good variety of jumps !

Thanks for submitting your map, would be really good to see more maps from you !
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