Rejected Muted for a misunderstanding and banned for something i didnt do

DISCLAIMER - I know the thread title sounds cliche as hell but i had no idea "coon" was a racial slur and i would never ever say the 2nd thing(idk if thats how disclaimers work and if it isnt then woops) okay so basically what happened was i was muted for saying "coon killer" which i did not realize at the time was a racial slur and i did not mean to offend anyone in any way and if i did im sorry. all i was simply doing was responding to ieatzpiez(or zetaetapi) who had a saddle that was name coon killer in bold black and red letters. I was using signs to talk to lolitsmejaykeh about it (which i know i shouldnt have been doing, im sorry) because i was frustated and confused as to why i was muted and he explained to me that it was a racial slur. I have some proof in the screenshot tumms took of me saying the racial slur you can see ieatpiez saying its on /ah because he put the saddle up for 100 mana. HOWEVER what really confused me and made me kind of angry was that as i was using signs to talk to pinkie(lolitsmejaykeh's nickname) I was banned for "hate speech while muted" which i dont even think is possible outside of using signs. <---- THIS WAS NOT ME i was impersonated and i would never say that to anyone. In fact I dont even think im on zeta's friend list. In fact, im not sure but it might have been jaykeh actually because he was using signs to talk to me still for some reason and hes able to nickname himself. You can see how the name "jimmysleptzoff" is bold. im not a donor so i cant make my name bold(idk if that a thing with friend messaging or not) anyways. it was not me. i gave the saddle to jaykeh so ask her if she still has it.
Friends messages cannot be bold or have any sort of colour codes, so either way it has your username, and due to the evidence showing that you said such a thing in friends message, I do not think you should deserve an unmute.
Furthermore, you said "coon killer" and i'm sure such a phrase cannot be said without meaning.
In the case of the evidence (involving the friend messages) being framed then you may get an unmute but otherwise i do not think you deserve one.

Thanks for taking the time to appeal however I will be rejecting this as you have not used the proper format which can be found here: You may appeal again straight away using the correct format and in the correct place. If you have any questions feel free to message me here or on Discord (Selfoccate#8596)

Thanks and have a great day / night! ~Self