Accepted Mystery Shack - Easy

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Username: JakeNoot
Map name: Mystery Shack (Inspired by Gravity Falls)
Photos of your Parkour:
The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: Plot -48;-39 | ./plot home JakeNoot 5
Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane): Easy
Number of jumps (Optional): ~38 | 2 Checkpoints
Parkour is messy Theme is good and Build needs more detail. 0
I think the parkour fits in with the build, but I can see where it may be messy in some parts. I’ll try to fix that up.
Other than that, I can’t really add much more detail to the build- I used a reference picture of the shack and included literally all of the elements of the actual shack. If you have my ideas of what I can add, please tell me.


Map Judge
QA Team
Hi there, Jake!

I have come to inform you your map has been accepted! We had to nerf some jumps, since they were TOO hard to be an easy, but other than that this map was really good! The theme is very original and the shack looked very well-built. We think the length of the map was great, and that the jumps were greatly incorporated into the main build.
Thanks for submitting a map, we hope to see more in the future!

Have a nice day,
Lucas and Lucas
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