Important New Application Info & Requirements [NEED TO KNOW]

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Jul 12, 2014
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Hey everyone,

We've overhauled how our entire staff application process is handled. All staff applications will now be displayed publicly for all community members to see and reply to. We've also changed up some of the questions that we ask to get a better understanding of you as an individual and how you'll benefit the team.

I've broken this post down into two sections - Firstly we'll have everything applicants need to know; followed by everything community members need to know before replying to an applicant.


Just click the 'Click To Apply' button and fill out your application. - You must be 13 years old to apply.

Once submitted your application will be posted as a new thread for everyone to see. Please be aware that community members are allowed to post feedback to your thread as well as "+1" or "-1" to give their opinion.

You can take the time between submission and when your application is put into "reviewing" to edit your thread based on the feedback provided by the community.

Your application must also be at least 500 words (700 if you include the application questions), or may automatically be rejected. If your application is rejected, please wait at least 30 days until posting another, unless told otherwise by a staff member in response to your application.

Please also be aware that your application can be in waiting for 1-to-2 weeks while we allow the community to give feedback and the Helper Management Team to discuss your application in depth. Please do not message a staff member to review your application or to check on its progress.

All Applicant Requirements:
The following items are the guidelines used to determine whether you will become a helper or not.
  • The required amount of time in-game is 50 hours total (we can tell when a user was AFK).
  • You must have never been permanently banned/muted
  • Your application must also be at least 500 words (700 if you include application questions)
  • You must have Discord for staff communication.
  • You must be 13 or older to apply.
  • You must have a Google Account (G-Mail)
  • Have at least 20 forum posts
  • You must have an excellent understanding of the rules and punishment guidelines found here
Tip: try not to just meet these requirements but instead exceed them to stand out.

Click here to view some application tips from Dacon


For the first time ever you will be able to have a voice in who staffs here on ManaCube. When someone submits an application please give them any constructive feedback you have, however, please do so in a respectful manner.

We encourage you the vote on applications that you like/dislike by using "+1" or "-1" in your reply while also providing information on your own experiences with the player.

An example would be the following:
+1 from me
I've seen him on quite a bit and he always seems to be welcoming and respectful. However, I think you might need to add a little more detail into question 5 to get accepted.
That is a respectful reply that will help the management team make their decision. If we see flame wars or disrespectful comments on applications they will be deleted, you will receive a warning point and may also have your rights to post on future applications revoked.

This system will only work if everyone plays along to these rules, we're giving every one of you a giant responsibility so please use it wisely.

Good luck to all those who apply!
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