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Jul 12, 2014
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Its about god-damn time that we did some work on the ancient grading plugin. With this new system players will be able to follow along with the process of their submission so that they're informed every step of the way.

Submitting a plot is the same always. Simply type /submit while standing on a plot that you own and you'll receive a confirmation message. Any previously submitted plots will need to be resubmitted (sorry!)

On the old system once you submitted a plot you were then left in the dark as to where it was in the pipeline - well no more! You can use /progress to see a list of your submitted plots. You'll be able to see their status, who is looking after them and the reason why it was closed.

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You can cancel your submissions and clear you progress list by typing /progress clear - you'll get a confirmation warning

If the status of your submission has changed while you were offline you'll be greeted with a nifty little message telling you that it has been updated and to check it out!

Of course the staff-side of the system has also been updated so that staff members can more easily track which submissions they've claimed in the hopes of speeding up the process of grading.

Player Commands:
/submit - submits the plot you're standing on (you have to own it)
/progress - lets you see a list of your current and past submitted plots

FORMAT: {Submission #} - {Status (Submitted/Reviewing/Closed)} - {Claimed By} - {Closed message}
/progress clear - clears your progress list and removes and current ungraded submissions

As this is a new plugin I'm sure there will be a few bugs that we missed in testing. If you notice any let us know either through the forums or on discord and we'll hopefully be able to squash them out pretty quickly!
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Jul 25, 2017
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What a nice update, been a long time since creative has had a new update. Happy to see you guys still care about the not so often played servers ;)