Accepted Parkour "Aloha" - Medium

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Nick: Lilaaa_
Map Name: Aloha

The # of your Plot / or warp name to it:
ID: -41; -16

Difficulty: Hard

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Cool map but idk is it ok to build in single player but if u have a way to solve it doesn’t matter. So, I think the map’s length and difficulty fits hard I like the build. +0.5


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Stunning map Lila. Really impressed

jumps are re all fun to do. Their is a lot of variation within the map and it has a really good level of variation fur a medium map. The map is getting to the long end of the stick but is super fun in contrary to the amount of jumps being a bit longer.

The theme is great and had such a cool feel to it. The build is original and very well made.

overall, such a coolmap for the medium difficulty and really fun to play. I hope this map is added and go for more map Lila
Hi all
I decided to build the map on the server so it's ready, I also improved the map, I made it a little smaller and added better jumps to make it more varied and not repetitive.

The # of your Plot / or warp name to it:

¡You can go and try it!


The Theme itself is very original even though the Island "Theme" is used alot already, you put a good twist to it and added more to it.
The build looks really amazing and is built very good.
This is where things go downhill a bit. First of all I think while the parkour fits the difficulty good there could be litle more variation especially colored wool parts with mostly only 3-4 block jumps. 2. I found a jump that is impossible if I am not stupid and just jumping wrong.
In total that gives you a 2/3 from me. Good luck on your map!

The build is really nice to look at and there's a really nice variation in the parkour. However, there is a part that appears to be impossible and sometimes I was uncertain which direction to go. Remember that the parkour has to be do-able in 1.8.9. I also recommend that you add in a few signs telling people where to go. If you don't know where to put them, let me know if you see me ingame and I'll show you. Anyway, great build, just needs some minor tweaking ;D
the jumps are varied, and a medium difficulty. the build is SO good, and I think people will enjoy this map if it gets accepted! +1 best of luck! -quinn


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Hoi Lilaaaa_,
Happy to tell you that your map have been accepted !
I think the theme is pretty original and attractive. The build is pretty nice, this looks like a bit some "Tropical/Biomes" maps, but it's enough different to be original and attractive. But I don't really like the amount of floating jumps in your map, this make your map messy and less attractive. The parkour is pretty interesting, it's varied and nice for an hard, I've still added some signs and changing some jumps to make the map less confusing.

Thanks for submitting your map, would be really good to see more maps from you !
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