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Hi, yup, I'm hosting a parkour event. Details are below:
To sign up just leave your IGN below and you will be automatically entered! There is a limit of 16 people, so I'm only gonna enter the first 16 names.
This is gonna be sort of a bracket event. I will pair up the first entry with the sixteenth, second with fifteenth, so on. You and your partner will decide on a race course to race against each other on (for 1 mana, or more if you want) and one of you will send me a screenshot of the ending message in chat (e.g. _Bunstop_ beat _Bunstop_ in a race for 1 mana!) and send it to me over forums. Once I have all 8 messages the next round will start using the winners of those races (Third and fourth place play in the same round as first and second, but that's the only exception). This will keep going until one person is left.
The only rules are: no enderpearls and have fun c: (Speed is fine)
I'm giving a day per round due to timezones. The first round is gonna be
the day 16 people sign up (at 4pm EST), second round is the day after at 4pm EST, third round is the day after that at 4pm EST and last round is the day after that at 4pm EST.
First place is 5000 mana, second place is 5 ender pearls and third place is 1000 mana. I will give the prizes when I see the players online.
Hope to see some awesome competition in this c:
Good luck to all,
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