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Jul 4, 2014
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| CHAT PROTECTION :mc_386-0:

All servers now have spam bot, advertising & global chat filter protection. The global chat filter does not censor swears, only racist, homophobic and inappropriate words.​
You now also have to move 1 block when you join before writing a message, and you cannot repeat the same message multiple times in a row.​
For the advertising filter, the following domains are whitelisted, and can be posted in chat​
- Imgur.com​
- Prntscr.com​
- Gyazo.com​
- Manacube.com + All manacube domains​
- Minecraft.net​
- Twitter.com​
- Google​
- Youtube​
- Reddit.com​
- Optifine.net​


Survival & Skyblock have had a pretty barebones anticheat since the start of the seasons, and last weekend we upgraded them to detect and prevent over 40+ hacks without any noticable false positives, especially during server lag.​
List of hacks blocked:​
  • Phase
  • Fly
  • NoFall
  • Fast Fall
  • Schematica
  • Bunny Hopping
  • Infinite Elytra
  • SelfHit
  • Longjump
  • FastLadder
  • Blink
  • AirJump
  • Timer
  • Speed
  • Glide
  • High Jump
  • Spider
  • Step
  • V-Clip
  • Regen
  • Fast Bow
  • FastEat
  • Auto Clicker
  • Reach
  • Legit Aura
  • Click Aura
  • TP Aura
  • Kill Aura
  • Aim Bot
  • Fight Bot
  • NoSwing
  • Criticals
  • Freecam
  • Ping Spoofing
  • FastBreak
  • CivBreak
  • Nuker
  • Fast Place
  • Packet abuse hacks
  • Water Walk
  • Glide

We also have a new system that scans for duplication glitches, illegal items & other possible exploits.​
There was a new duplication glitch publically released a couple days ago involving book and quills. We're not 100% sure if we've patched it yet or not so for the meantime Book and Quill is now an illegal item and will be automatically confiscated. (Note: This does not include written/signed books, only unsigned book and quills.)​
We've confirmed this glitch hasn't been done on ManaCube, though it was attempted. Book and quills will hopefully be enabled again soon​

| MISC UPDATES :mc_399-0:

  • All servers are now on a fixed reboot schedule, and will reboot at different times in the early morning (EST)

  • Hub servers now send you to another hub when they reboot instead of kicking from network

  • Will hear a notification sound when your username is mentioned in in-game chat

  • Anvils now blacklist multiple words when renaming to prevent scamming.
    Words like keys, spawners, wand, scroll, dust, flare, etc. etc. are blocked.
    If you attempt to rename an item via anvil with a blacklisted word you will get the item back with this message:

    This should hopefully stop the scams that happen against new/unaware players in the Auction House

  • Linked discord accounts will now have the "Linked" role

  • More updates here: https://forums.manacube.com/updates

| UPCOMING :mc_347-0:

A lot of updates are in development atm, expect a news post every week for the next while. We've had to focus a lot on performance and stability these past couple weeks due to the growth manacube has had

Here's a sneak peek:
  • Ancient Trials (November)
  • Perk Bug Fixes (November)
  • Thanksgiving Bundle (November)
  • Creative Revamp Announcement (December)
  • In-game Gifting Update (December)
  • ManaCube Chat/Command Client (December)
  • Christmas Spawns (December)
Other updates in development will remain a secret for now
Jan 1, 2017
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put facebook in the new chat protections. also love the new update.
Idea in mind for parkour:
Every time a map gets accepted on forums it should get automaticaly added to area then after 2 days it gets autimaticaly moved to normal area...


Sep 21, 2018
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You might want to add instagram too also, cool update. I really think this was a needed update :)