Question: regular vanilla xp VS. manacube survival EXP and /level


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Nov 11, 2018
If this question has already been answerd elsewere pls redirect and forgive me.

I'd like to know the difference between what I know from Vanilla as
xp... so little orbs of xp you collect by killing mobs, breedin animals, ... that you then use to enchant (usually save till 30 xp and then enchant) &

"EXP" (e.g. "you just won 500 EXP in a treasure chest") that seems to be able to be won and or collected (how?) which then increases your /level and makes fireworks go of that cause me a bunch of lag -.- .

1. is there a difference xp vs EXP
1.1 yes -> pls tell me and how to "collect"? EXP and what level does besides existing....
1.2 no -> then why make a distinction at all? any reason? and wheres the real "boundry"/difference from one to the other.... does it translate somehow... is there a calculation in the background... idk
is xp and EXP both "XP" but just written differently and thats why im confused?

Easy refference:
currently i have 69 xp (cause it accumulated somehow... dunnow. dont ask.)
and my /level states: "You are level 30. You need 65,875 more XP to level up."

but the 500EXP i won went to the /level ... "area" and not my hotbar...

Thanks for reading all the way, sorry for the ramble, just trying to grasp every posibility. Calari


Nov 15, 2018
So I'm pretty new to the server but I do know you that you'r "EXP" level which you can use to enchant. The "XP" is for your server level, which stays with you no matter what sub-server your on. I don't know the purpose of it, I guess it's just a cool stat people like to look at. Just by playing in the server and being active will gain you XP points to level up you Manacube level but I couldn't tell you exactly because I am pretty new to the server. If I find anymore details I'll post it here.

Hoped this helped - ForbiddenDays