Finished Rainbow Road - Ice Sledding


Helper Management

Please join us for "Rainbow Road" where players race on a colorful and icy course while riding in boats. The course is difficult and there are no barriers to keep you from falling off. However, you will return to the start line so you can try again until the winners cross the finish line.
And The Winners Were:

Aviatan, Isatonapenguin, Flyoski, NZNO, KiteBetter, Shinxray, GR_Elite, Dacon, _dak, ComedyGamerMax, WilboShakespeare, MFenix111

  • No sign-ups are required. Simply join the /event server about 2:00 PM EST

  • Players "racing" without boats will be disqualified
  • Follow all server rules to avoid disqualification
  • Staff reserve the right to disqualify contestants for any past rule violations

  • The "Rainbow" tag will be awarded to the winners.
  • The number of rounds played and winners per round will be determined the day of the event.
rainbow tag.png

NOTE: The event server requires 1.10 or higher
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