Rejected SinglePlayer ~ Map Submission

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  • Username: EverChangeling (The player who built the course and the username of the plot it was built on.)
  • Map name: SinglePlayer
  • Map Description: This map represents the challenges faced and scenery while completing Single Player Minecraft.
  • Photos of your Parkour
Five-image gallery of the main parts of this map
  • The # of your Plot / or warp name to it
ID: -48;-4 (My first plot)
  • Difficulty
Most likely Medium
  • Number of jumps
About fifty-five
  • Additional Info: There is a pretty large barrier (the corners of which are labeled by the light gray glass panes) that makes sure to prevent players from dropping down into further parts of the map pre-maturely. There is also a sign at the beginning of the course, clarifying there IS a barrier. Also, (besides the "Checkpoint" at the very beginning of the map), there are three other checkpoints.

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By the way, I just made this post (and another separate one), so that I could post a link in my first, original post. Thank you for understanding.

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Although this map lacks originality, I do think it has some key parts to it which are great (parkour-wise).

The idea is not new, but I like the execution of the map. I think you should add more to it first, then compact it. Maybe add more to each of the regions and chuck in some harder jumps for a challenge.

Other than the lack of originality, the map is actually okay. Do what I said and i'll change my +0 to a +1

Hello EverChangeling
I really like the Idea of your map and I also like your simple building style I think it looks nice. The problem is that the theme of floating Islands is very overused. The Parkour is a bit plain you could add some Ice, Soulsand etc. but otherwise I think it fits the difficulty Medium nicely. I did however find one part that is impossible to complete:
At the top of the tower there is this one ladder jump where I think you placed a ladder to much accidentally
Just so you know, to make the finish correctly you need to put colored wool of the difficulty with a pressure palte on it as the end block(so in your case yellow wool)
Even though the theme is overused I think it looks nice and the parkour fits the difficulty nicely, so I'll give you +0.5
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QA Team
Hi there EverChangeling!

I will be rejecting your map submission. We feel like the map is too long for a medium difficulty and that the jumps are repetitive. The map is confusing, and even has an impossible jump on it. The theme is also unoriginal. We do like the fact that the difficulty of the jumps suits the medium difficulty.
Thanks for submitting a map, and we hope to see more in the future!

Have a nice day,
Lucas // Lxcify
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