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Jul 4, 2014
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| DATES :mc_347-0:
Here is a countdown to release:
Staff & QA Beta: October 31st
Donator Beta: November 2nd [Server will reset after beta is over]
Public Release: November 3rd 3PM EST

| OVERVIEW :mc_340-0:
Season 6 Legends
The following players will receive Legend Bundles at the start of season 7, and will be in the Legends Hall of Fame.​
Highest Leveled Island: Niick_
Most Mana: SinnerStar
Most Cash: Crazypeacock
Most Mob Kills: skillable
Highest McMMO Level: SinnerStar
The server will be on 1.12.2, and have 175 player slots.​
Like Islands, you will be able to join on 1.8+, though it is highly recommend to be on 1.12 to be able to use all the features and see all the blocks and mobs.​
Any admin items & titles you unlocked in the past, you will be able to claim one time on the store when the server releases.
  • Donator Ranks
  • Titles
  • Bundle Titles
  • Bundle Perks
  • Admin Items
  • WorldEdit Perk

| NEW SPAWN & ISLANDS :mc_6-0:
This season we are doing an oriental theme for the server, and the new main color is pink instead of blue.​
There is warzone islands attached to spawn that are not seen in the renders.​

| ANCIENT TRIALS :mc_449-0:
The Ancient Trials is a solo minigame similar to Mob Arena.​
In order to access the Trials, players must be Skyblock Rank 7 and sacrifice 1000 Mana.​
There are in total 30 waves of monsters to slay, with a mini-boss on wave 10 & 20, and the final boss on wave 30.​
This arena will be a real challenge. You won't be able to bring in your own gear, and will be given supply drops after each boss.​
Rewards [Gives 3 random]
[Common] Angel Dust (7%)
[Common] 35,000 XP Bottle
[Common] Large Money Pouch
[Common] Elytra
[Common] 64 Diamond Blocks
[Common] 16 Hoppers
[Common] 35 McMMO Credits
[Common] Wither Head
[Uncommon] 64 Emerald Blocks
[Uncommon] Legendary Enchantment Book
[Uncommon] Zombie Pigman Spawner
[Uncommon] Enderman Spawner
[Uncommon] Shulker Box
[Uncommon] Envoy Signal Flare
[Uncommon] 50 McMMO Credits
[Uncommon] Huge Money Pouch
[Rare] [Ancient] Title
[Rare] Legendary Sword
[Rare] Heroic Enchantment Book
[Rare] Iron Golem Spawner
[Rare] Ancient Treasure Key
[Rare] Dragon Head (Worth a lot @ Monster Merchant)
[Rare] Dragon Egg (Worth a lot of island levels)
You can start the trials by heading north-east from spawn​

| SKYBLOCK RANKS :mc_399-0:
There are 10 Skyblock Ranks to unlock, each with their own rewards and requirements. Type /rankup to view them.​
Rewards for each rank include things like access to higher tier island upgrades, access to the Ancient Trials, unobtainable items, kits, and donator perks for non-ranked players​
Ranks are shown both in chat and in tab.​
Ranks 1-3 are yellow
Ranks 4-6 are blue
Ranks 7-9 are pink
Rank 10 is red

| WARZONE SYSTEM :mc_401-0:
The Warzone Envoys are now set off on a timed schedule rather than when reaching a vote goal. You can view when the next envoy will be by visiting one of the 3 entrances.​
Players can also manually trigger envoys with signal flares. These are purchased from the Mana Shop, or won from Ancient Trials.​
All chest locations have been changed, and the loot table has been completely revamped​

| MANA SYSTEM :mc_373-0:
There are many ways to earn Mana:​

  • Mining blocks
    Specific blocks like obsidian give more coins
    • Killing mobs
      The tougher the mob the more coins it gives
    • Playtime
      Receive coins for every 5 mins you're online
    • Crops Harvested
      Each crop type gives different amounts
    • Completing daily & weekly Quests
      Access with /quests
    • Buying on the webstore
    • Monster Merchant
    • Warzone Envoys
    • Completing Quests
Spend your Mana in the Mana Shop to unlock various rare & unobtainable items, perks, island upgrades & more. Type /manashop to access​

This season we will be giving out rewards to players on top of the leaderboards! In total we will be giving out $450 USD Paypal, $900 Store Credit, 7x S7 Legend Bundles, and the first-to-get rewards​
First to complete Ancient Trials
- Custom colored [Ancient] Title (you choose colors)
First to reach Rank 10
- Custom colored rank tag (you choose colors)
First to reach 10,000 Island Level
- Any bundle manacube has ever had for free
First to reach 100 hours played
- Any title manacube has ever had on any server for free
Rank #1 Island - $100 PayPal
Rank #2 Island - $75 Store Credit
Rank #3 Island - $50 Store Credit
Rank #1 McMMO - $25 Store Credit
Rank #1 Mana - $25 Store Credit
Rank #1 Island - $100 PayPal
Rank #2 Island - $75 Store Credit
Rank #3 Island - $50 Store Credit
Rank #1 Island - $100 PayPal
Rank #2 Island - $75 Store Credit
Rank #3 Island - $50 Store Credit
Rank #1 McMMO - $25 Store Credit
Rank #1 Mana - $25 Store Credit
END OF SEASON REWARDS (No clue when this will be)
Rank #1 Island
- $150 PayPal, S7 Legend Rewards
Rank #2 Island
- $75 Store Credit, S7 Legend Rewards
Rank #3 Island
- $50 Store Credit, S7 Legend Rewards
Rank #1 McMMO
- $25 Store Credit, S7 Legend Rewards
Rank #1 Mana
- $25 Store Credit, S7 Legend Rewards
Rank #1 Cash
- $25 Store Credit, S7 Legend Rewards
Rank #1 Mob Kills
- $25 Store Credit, S7 Legend Rewards

Make sure to keep those mob heads! You can now trade in mob heads to Kilton the Monster Merchant @ spawn (Straight rip from BOTW)​
He will trade you Souls for the heads, which you can then use to exchange for Cash, Mana, EXP or rare Armor Sets that give unique bonuses when worn​
Souls cannot be traded to other players, but the rewards can.​

The Enchantment system will be receiving the same revamp that Islands did. Click Here to view what was changed​

The Island Upgrades system will be receiving the same revamp that Islands did. Click Here to view what was changed​
| QUESTS :mc_345-0:
The Quests system will be receiving the same revamp that Islands did. Click Here to view what was changed​

| JOBS :mc_258-0:
There are 12 Jobs that anyone can join to earn Money, EXP, Job EXP and Job Points.​
Job EXP is used to increase your Job Levels. Higher Job level = more money/exp/points​
Job Points can be spent with /job shop
Workers display how many other players are in that specific job. You can be in 3 jobs at once max.​
If you leave a job, you will lose 30% of your job level​
You can view the top leveled players of each job by typing /jobs top [Job]
You can view detailed information/specifics about a job by typing /jobs info [job]
Example: Miner job information (Page 1)​
You can view your stats or other players stats by typing /job stats [name]
As you work at your Job, a boss bar and action bar will show your progress and give periodic updates (This can be turned off in /settings)​

| FPS BOOSTER :mc_404-0:
Skyblock can be a very intensive gamemode, both on the server and your computer. We've set up a feature for you to be able to visually toggle certain mechanics off. Type /fps to get started​
In here you can disable seeing the following mechanics​

  • Piston Animations
  • Visibility of spawned mobs
  • Visibility of particles
  • Visibility of common farm drops
We were going to have an option to disable spinning of mob spawners, but since we now have stacked spawners it wasn't really necessary​

You can now stack your spawners together. The spawn rate will increase for each spawner added to the stack.​
(If 1 pig spawner makes 10 pigs per min, a 2x pig spawner stack will make 20 pigs per min.)​
This system is different from last time we did this, and is much more efficient and lightweight. Mob stacking is also directly part of the spawner stacking plugin to work together.​

Everyone can now make their own chest shops on their island. Simply make a sign above a chest with what you want to sell or buy​
If it is a buy sign, make sure to stock the chest with that item. Other players can then buy from your chest using the sign.​
Hope to see lots of player owned shops this season!​

| PLAYER WARPS :mc_120-0:
MVP+ players can create 7 public warps with the /setwarp [name] command. All warps made are now also attached to your account, meaning you can list and delete your own warps!​
The new warp perk in Perk Treasure Chest now grants you access to create 10 Private Warps
Private warps are made with /psetwarp [name]
Whitelist people to your private warp with /pwarp add/remove [warp] [username]
More commands include​
/pwarp info [warp] - displays information like owner, location & whitelisted members​
/mywarps - lists your public and private warps​
/warps - lists all public player warps​

  • 50+ new achievements to unlock
  • Vote Parties (Free loot for everyone online) for every 250 votes reached
  • /Island Top will now display more information about the islands
  • A "Reset Bundle" will be released on the store when skyblock releases
  • Lots of bug fixes

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QA Team
Aug 8, 2015
SKYBLOCK REEEEEEEEEEE! Congrats to all the season 6 legends. Hope to see a fun and competitive skyblock season!
Jan 6, 2018
Nice is this the new reset thing for skyblock? I luv your work. :) If im unbanned I will make a youtube video, I am really good at editing
Jan 1, 2017
129 186
i wish mvp ranks could get some more perks because it sometimes to me feels limited to what mvp's get and mvp+ get most the items witch to me sometimes can feel unfair in different ways.


Oct 1, 2018
Excited even though I know the first person to get 100 hours played will just be the first person who logs on and afks the whole time. Am excited for my first season of Skyblock thought! :)


Dec 17, 2014
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can't wait!
Oct 20, 2018
Whenever I try to create a player shop, my chest just gets locked with [Private]. What am I doing wrong? Please help!
Oct 20, 2018
Thanks Dacon, I discovered this same thing in-game. Unfortunately, this really limits in-game shop designs. When using item-sorting systems or when farms automatically feed into shops, that block above and behind the chest is used for redstone or hoppers. I've discovered you can place a sign behind and to the side as well, but that prevents you from placing chests side by side. I share my island with other people, but I would gladly do away with [Private] chests in order for shop signs to be directly placed on chests, as creating a beautiful player shop is one of the best aspects of Skyblock.
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Nov 3, 2018

A workaround where the chest isn't automatically made private when a sign is placed on it would be idea, giving shop builders the option to have sell signs on the chest.
Oct 20, 2018
I would allso like to be able to put the sign on the chest I want to put an item frame above all my chests and the sale sign right on the chest