Skyblock Reset

Does skyblock need a reset?

  • Yes.

  • No.

  • I Don't Care.

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Yes, SkyBlock needs periodic resets to stay alive. As it is, the server is being rebooted 2-5 times a day to keep it playable. Feels like we are overdue for a reset.
Question though, how do the player vaults work through a reset? I heard certain items will be allowed to carry through in a vault. Is this a perk we need to buy?
[DOUBLEPOST=1531490162][/DOUBLEPOST] The only fix is really to reset the world. Or go through and delete whatever islands may be causing the most lag... but that is not fair to those players who will loose everything.
Can someone explain what items are (and are not) allowed in a Player Vault to be carried through a reset?
I mostly want to bring along some building materials. Cobble, Iron, Dirt...I'm guessing diamonds will not be allowed
I'm just done with skyblock since dacon broke spawners/made them 1k each for a few hours and sort of made the act of buying spawners from people a little iffy(A.k.a. broke the economoy on that part). Also, he just needs to fix the server and the best way for him to do that is have a reset so he can have some time to pay attention to skyblock for once. Also, the amount of reboots we have daily is getting fucking annoying and he needs to do something about it.