Rejected Skyblock Survival - Map Submission

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Username: TermlessStorm84
Photos - They should be on here, if I did it right. (They aren't in order)
Plot # - 2;6 Warp Name - TermlessStorm84
Difficulty - Easy
Jumps - 52
(I have some signs that I would like to be replaced with heads. There are 4 easter egg heads, and 2 black heads for eyes)
I hope you decide to make my map a parkour course. It means a lot to me :)



QA Team

Thanks for submitting your map! I've come to inform you that this map will be rejected.

The theme you chose has been used multiple times before and we'd prefer having original themes. Next time make sure your theme is original to increase it's chance of getting accepted. Try to also have more variety in jumps, such as ladders, ice, fences etc. to make the course more challenging and interesting. Always make sure to have the jumps's difficulty, amount and length balanced as well.

Thanks again for submitting, we'd love to see another map sometime soon, so don't hesitate on making and submitting another one. :)
Also, if you have any questions or concerns, just PM me here on the forums or on Discord.

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