Spawner Tips & Requirements


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I have noticed multiple people asking about the requirements for monster spawners to spawn their respective mob, and haven't been able to find any posts about it, so I have decided to create my own one. Firstly I'll start off with the overall requirements.

Overall requirements:

- All mobs spawn in an area that is 9x9, centered on the spawner (4 blocks horizontally from each side)

- All mobs spawn in in a volume of 9x9x3, centered on the spawner (1 block vertically from the bottom and top face)

Non-hostile/peaceful mobs requirements:

- Farm animals, such as the Chicken, Cow, Sheep and Pig all require a grass-block to spawn on

- These mobs also require light to spawn (above light level 8)

Hostile mobs requirements:

- All hostile mobs (Skeleton, Creeper, Spider, Zombie, Enderman and Cave-spider) require only air to spawn on

- Those mobs ^ require light levels of 7 and below in order to begin spawning

- Nether mobs, such as Pigmen, Magma cubes, Ghasts and Blazes require air to spawn on, but spawn at any light level

Other mobs:

- Iron golems require air to spawn on/in

- Squids require water and to be below y=46 to spawn

- Villagers require air to spawn on/in

- Ocelots require jungle leaves to spawn on

- Slimes require a slime chunk to spawn in (will write up a tutorial on how to find your slime chunk)

- Slimes spawn below y=40 and at any light levels (when in the slime chunk)

Please message me or reply to this post if you want more specifics or you think I have missed out any key parts.

Thanks, ~3G

P.S: My IGN is PlayingOnMy3G and nickname is King3G. Be sure to ask me in-game if you require any help on any minecraft technical aspects (including redstone)
Thanks a lot! I know I had some trouble when first making my grinders, so I used someone else and the wiki as a guide. but this is much more detailed and helpful!
Should I make a tutorial on how to find your slimechunk?
That would be amazing! I know akryder and I went through the trouble of finding ours through a long painstaking process, I believe that a tutorial would be so helpful for everyone that needs the slime rancher achievement! or just anyone that needs to farm slimes