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    Applying for Staff

    Applicant Requirements:
    The following items are the guidelines used to determine whether you will become a helper or not.
    • You must be at least 13 years old
    • 50 hours played on the network (We can detect AFK hours)
    • Never been permanently banned or muted on the network
    • You must have Discord.
    • Have at least 20 forum posts
    • You must have a Google Account
    • Application must be at least 500 words (700 if you include application questions)
    • You must have an excellent understanding of the rules and punishment guidelines found here
    Note: Requirements may vary for each applicant. This means that some of these requirements may not apply whatsoever to you if you can prove that you are sufficiently capable in other areas.
    Tip: try not to just meet these requirements but instead exceed them to stand out.

    Application Tips:
    The following steps will guide you into making a good helper application:
    • If you were rejected read the rejection message, it will help you.
    • Detail is what we look for but make sure you put the essential, after all, quality before quantity.
    • Be patient, we want to take the best of the best onto the staff team so we will take time in reviewing your application.
    • Be honest, honesty is key for us to trust you since when in staff, you have access to more confidential information.
    • Be confident, in order for you to be able to help others you need to believe and trust in your capabilities, don't beat yourself up and trust yourself.
    • Be mature, we need to take responsible members on our staff and thus need those who act like leaders and act like true matured people. This doesn't mean you can't joke around.

    If you have any questions regarding staff applications, feel free to send me a message @ Here

    Note: If your application was rejected, it will be in the "Archived" folder located Here

    Good luck,

    - Helper Management Team
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