Accepted Submission: Calculus - Insane Difficulty

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Parkour by:
tntpablo and babybear100

Plot Info:

/plot visit tntpablo 1
ID: -20;12 (Coords: -2987 73 1613)
Plot owner: tntpablo

Theme: Calculus, Maths...
Difficulty: Insane

Jumps: 128
Checkpoints: 8

All jumps are currently tested and they are all possible without speed, some barriers are used but they are marked with signs so they don´t annoy players

Photos: For some reason I can only put this one using the "Upload a file" option and I can´t put links because I don´t meet the minimun requirements to do it sorry =(

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope it gets accepted ^^

- tntpablo
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QA Team
Hello tntpablo!

I am happy to notify you that this map is being accepted! The build is decent, although a bit messy. The build definitely fits its theme, which is also very creative and original. The jumps on this course are a bit easy for insane, but the length of the course definitely makes up for that. Your jump choice allows this course to be fun and interesting to do, and I am happy to accept it! :D

Thank you for submitting this course! I hope to see more from you in the future! :D
If you have any questions, you may message me in game, on the forums, or on discord!

-Ashley (ThePKFish, fishy1980)
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